Warriors Fall Continues: Weekly Power Rankings Roundup

Results Since last Rankings Win/Loss Score
vs. Charlotte L 75-91
vs. Chicago W 102-87
@ Phoenix L 109-122
Total 1-2 -4.7

Ranking Author Rank Comment Marc Stein 11 (-1) The Dubs point to recent wins over the Blazers and Clips as evidence they aren't miles away from their 10-game winning streak form. The heartless standings, though, had them all the way down at No. 8 in the West when they awoke Monday thanks to some recent slipups at home. Marc Spears 9 (-) Keep an eye on nervous Golden State as the trade deadline arrives. They're 10-8 since the start of 2014.
CBS Sports Matt Moore 11 (-6) The Chicago win was like cheating on your diet with ice cream. Then they went to Phoenix and had to get back on the treadmill. And it hurt.
Pro Basketball Talk Kurt Helin New Rankings not yet posted John Schuhmann 11 (-2) Without David Lee and Andrew Bogut, the Warriors are no longer a #fullsquad. Healthy or not, they've been rather mediocre over the last month, going 5-7. Andre Iguodala still ranks as one of the most improved jump shooters in the league, but has shot just 9-for-50 from outside the paint over the 12 games. He's got to step up without Lee, but has scored in double-digits just 13 times as a Warrior. David Aldridge 9 (-2) Bad times for the Warriors right now, and while they'll likely right themselves before too much longer, it's hard to see them as a legit contender out west at the moment.
SB Nation Jason Patt 10 (-2) The Warriors have been puttering about the last few weeks, unable to find any real consistency. There have been some really impressive victories, but there have also been some bad losses. Case in point: a 91-75 debacle at home against the Bobcats.
Sheridan Hoops Andrew Kamenetsky 9 (-) Still playing basically .600 ball, but in the West that doesnÕt go far. Since the 10-game win streak, the Warriors are a middling 6-8. Matt Dollinger 9 (+1) The Warriors' bouts with inconsistency continue. Last week, they scored 75 points in a loss to Charlotte before bouncing back with 102 in a win over Chicago. They allowed 87 points to the Bulls and then 122 in a loss to Phoenix. They've lost eight of 14 and haven't quite looked the same since their 10-game winning streak ended in early January.
USA Today 9 (-1) Supposed shoot-first point guard Stephen Curry leads the NBA in assists.
Average 9.8 (-1.9)

' Offensive Efficiency Defensive Efficiency NetRtg RPI Point Differential Hollinger Score and Rank
This Week 103.7 (15) 99.7(4) 4.0 (8) .534 (8) +4 (7, 5 in West) 103.342 (10)
Last Week 103.9 (14) 99.3(4) 4.6 (7) .539 (7) +4.5(7, 5 in West) 105.196 (5)

Whats on Deck

Date Day
vs. Philadelphia 2/10/14 Monday
vs. Miami 2/12/14 Wednesday
All Star Break until Next Wednesday

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