Warriors problems and deadline deal

Hello fellow Dubs fans. This is the first fanpost i've written. I've been trying to think about our problems as a team and ive been trying to make a trade to correct them. The one of the problems that we have a team is lack of scoring off bench and dribble penetration. One of the players who im frustrated with is Klay Thompson. No offense to Klay but he's one of the reasons the team is going down. He offers 2 above average skills outside shooting and perimeter defense. Thats It! I see no other attribute he gives us that is above average. If u disagree please let me know in the comments. Hes a poor rebounder, lacks athleticism, He is very inconsistent,. The most interesting stat Free throw attempts. Klay just does not get to the line at all. But that is not it most guards in the nba can create their own shot. Klay cannot create his own shot most of his points are assisted.

Then comes problem number 2 Harrison Barnes stunted growth. Coming into year Barnes was looking for a breakout year. That could still happen all we need is a starting role for Harrison Barnes. Lets go back to Klay Thompsons 2 biggest strengths outside shooting and perimeter defense. Klay is shooting 41.0% from 3's as of now. Meanwhile Harrison is not that much off, He is shooting 40.9 % from 3's. Inserting Harrison Barnes in for Klay will not hurt that much on the offensive side. Harrison Barnes also because of his athleticism has alot more defensive potential than Klay. Klay might be a better defender than Barnes but Barnes has potential to be better than Klay. Barnes also has the tools to be a star but in order to fully develop into star he needs those starting minutes.

Too sum up what I said Barnes is more valuable than Klay to us and then with double digit salaries to curry, Lee, Bogut and Iggy we can only keep 1 of the 2 and right now their trade value is at its highest. The best team to make a trade with is Cleveland because Klay is someone they've been interested in for some time and if i remember correctly they tried to target Klay Thompson in the 2011 draft. The Cavs have another piece which especially im very interested in and thats Dion Waiters. I think his scoring would be perfect as our 6th man here and we have extra year of team control on him over Klay. Dion has been unhappy in Cleveland and I really think we should acquire him. Cleveland is also perfect as well as that they are also interested in a power forward and were trying to get klove and lamarcus aldridge in the summer.

I think we can get a pretty good return their but hold on im also thinking of Thadeus young and his versatility would be perfect here and he is also young .Philly has been shopping him for some time and I think we can acquire him with cleveland having alot of picks 9 first round and 9 second round picks for the next 7 years and they have alot of moveable young assets which philly wants.

Alot of our Big men been getting injured. Just another thought how about carl landry back in the bay! What insurance he would provide like last year when Bogut was out and David Lee was out in the playoffs he could be very valuable insurance because all 3 of our centers are currently injured.

I think this trade would be perfect.

Warriors get: Thadeus Young, Carl Landry, Dion Waiters

We give up; David Lee, Klay Thompson, Ognjen Kuzmic, Nedovic

Cavs get: Klay Thompson, David Lee, and Kuzmic

CAvs give up Tristan Thompson, Tyler Zeller, Earl Clark, Dion Waiters 2014 2nd roundorlando magic pick 2015 miami first round pick

76ers get: Marcus Thompson, Tristan Thompson, Tyler Zeller 2014 Orlando Magic 2nd round pick via Cavs 2015 Miami 2015 first round pick via Cavs

76ers give up: Spencer Hawes and Thadeus Young 2015 2nd round pick

Kings get: Spencer Hawes Earl Clark Nedovic 2015 Philadelphia 2nd round pick

KIngs give up Carl Landry and Marcus Thornton

Warriors do this because this lets them start Barnes and they upgrade bench with Landry and Dion Waiters. A big reason i like this is because with the contracts that the warriors have, they can have Barnes and Waiters both on cheap deals until 2016 meaning we will be stacked until 2016 and competing for rings next 3 yrs

Cavs do this because they get the 2 players they love in Klay and Lee and a Kyrie, Klay, Deng, Dlee and Varajao sonds like a pretty good lineup in the East and they could build around these guys and Dlee will provide veteran leadership. They also get more minutes for Anthony Bennet which was a problem earlier in the year.

76ers do this because they get young assets and draft picks and they've been looking to move Young for a long time. Marcus Thornton is still pretty young(26 y.o) and so is Thompson and Zeller. They also get Draft picks from Cleveland.

Kings do this because they've been looking to move marcus and they get expiring deal in Hawes and could move him again before deadline. They dont need a win now player like landry on a 4 year deal when theyr nowhere near being contenders They also get nice raw prospect pg in nedovic. They need backup to rudy gay and earl clark can be that

Golden State Warriors

Pg Curry/ Jcrawford/ Bazemore

Sg Iggy/ Waiters/ Brooks

Sf Barnes/Green/Thadeus Young

Pf Thadeus Young/ Carl Landry/ Mareese Speights

C Andrew Bogut/ Jermaine O'Neal/ Festus Ezeli

We st ill have 1 million left before luxury and we could sign a player that gets released/waived after the deadline

This was my first post let me know how i can fix it and i would welcome any suggestions and please if u have another trade in mind share it with rest of our community in the comments

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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