So, The Warriors have a bench now..

After all the squabbling about TOs (still a problem,) Coach, backup pg's (and more!) appears (knock on wood) the addition of an actual bench will quiet all that some, at least some, at most make us a more serious threat, a more balanced team that doesn't have to wear out starters.

I don't want to get too positive here, much bad could easily happen, soon, but, having a bench that is a plus for your team, on top of the bigs rounding back into shape (if Bogut's injury can be played through at least somewhat effectively,)....i can't wait to see these guys play.

As has been, is now, and will be discussed, Blake allows the 2nd unit to all line into what they do best, and what he does best. Crawford can chuck, perfect for a 2nd unit that needs scoring (as long as while he's chucking, just like Klay, be a BIT more choosey, just sometimes, the really bad examples, thanks Klay and Jordan, thanks....digressing.) Helps Barnes a lot too, or should.

My basement for them now is about what they've been doing. Alright, but not homecourt advantage level, and an injury away from maybe missing playoffs.

My ceiling for them now is homecourt advantage for 1st round.

It is too bad about Bogut's shoulder, but at least it's not his more worrisome body parts, and his style of game/smarts could probably find a way still, to clog the middle defensively, do helpful things on O.

If Bogut can play through health wise....enough....and we retain this relatively good health (knock on wood) overall......then we're just so much better now.

(That said, i have a bad feeling about this Bulls game. The Bulls did play last night, Warriors rested. Lee won't be fully back yet, Bogut may not play, and Bulls are a tough team missing tons of guys already and maybe Butler tonight. Seems like they win more than they should. Don't know how much of that is Thibs, or what. But it will be a tough game to say the least. If Bogut's alright and Lee has more to give than we think coming over that cold, i can see it, but gonna be tough.)

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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