Warriors stay steady at #8: Weekly Power Ranking Roundup - 2/3/2014

Results Since last Rankings Win/Loss Score
vs. Washington L 85-88
vs. Los Angeles Clippers W 111-92
@ Utah W 95-90
Total 2-1 +7

Ranking Author Rank Comment Marc Stein 10 (-2) Not only do the Desert Cinderellas in Phoenix have a new (and catchier) nickname, Suns of Anarchy, but they've also managed to nudge the #FullSquad Warriors down to seventh in the West, if only for the moment, despite Steph Curry's gaudy 31.1 PPG over his past eight outings. Marc Spears 9 (-1) Should Harrison Barnes start over Andre Iguodala? Barnes is averaging 10.1 points while Iguodala is averaging 9.7.
CBS Sports Matt Moore 5 (+1) Put a thumping on the Clippers, knocked off the Blazers. The Wizards have been playing better, we'll let that loss slide. Still waiting for #fullsquad to hit its stride.
Pro Basketball Talk Kurt Helin 4 (+1) They jump up a spot after beating a tired Clippers team, but Golden State wasn't impressive beating either Utah or losing to Washington last week. National television game Thursday against the Bulls, then a fun showdown with the Suns Saturday where the Warriors will need to play better than they did last week. John Schuhmann 9 (-2) The Warriors needed 44 points from Stephen Curry and a couple of costly Jazz turnovers to win in Utah on Friday, but their defense has been at its best over the last four games, allowing their opponents to score just 91 points per 100 possessions. And those opponents have included the Blazers (who rank No. 1 offensively overall) and the Clippers (who ranked No. 1 offensively in January) David Aldridge 7 (-) Jermaine O'Neal (wrist surgery), out since mid-December, tells me he might back on the court this week; if so, that would be a boon for a Warriors bench that has been unproductive of late.
SB Nation Jason Patt 8 (-1) While KD's January was otherworldly, Stephen Curry has put on an extremely impressive display in his own right over the last five games. In those last five, Curry shot 53.4 percent overall and 59.5 percent from three, posting averages of 32.0 points and 7.6 assists.
Sheridan Hoops Andrew Kamenetsky No New Rankings this week Matt Dollinger 10 (+1) Just 48 games into the season, the Warriors have already held their most opponents under 90 points (14) since 2005-06. The team that once epitomized run-and-gun is now a lot closer style-wise to the Grizz's grit-and-grind.
USA Today 8 (-) Andrew Bogut shot 69.5% from the field in January.
Average 7.8 (-0.2)
' Offensive Efficiency Defensive Efficiency NetRtg RPI Point Differential Hollinger Score and Rank
This Week 103.9 (14) 99.3(4) 4.6 (7) .539 (7) +4.5(7, 5 in West) 105.196 (5)
Last Week 104.2 (12) 99.8(5) 4.4(8) .538 (8) +4.3(8, 6 in West) 105.524 (6)

Whats on Deck Date Day
vs. Charlotte 2/4/14 Tuesday
vs. Chicago 2/6/14 Thursday
@ Phoenix 2/8/14 Saturday

Included in David Aldridge's power rankings was a Q&A with Stephen Curry.

Also, check out my latest fanshot analyzing Harrison Barnes best games.

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