Contest Standings Update: Golden State of Mind Start Four contest, win tony.psd gear!

Hi everyone! Posting standings update for the the contests running in the Golden State of Mind Group on Start Four. The prizes are tony.psd gear!

How to play: Pick the 4 players you think will do best in each game on theGolden State of Mind Group on Start Four.

The contests: There are 3 ways to win.

1) 3 winners --- The three people with the highest total score over their best 20 games will win a tonypsd item. We will add up your scores from your highest scoring 20 games to determine your total score for this contest. The more you play the more opportunities you have to get a high score and improve your total. We’ll publish a leaderboard on GSoM and you can also see your top 10 scores on your My Start Four page.

2) 1 winner --- The person with the highest total score for the entire season will win a tonypsd item. You can check to see who is #1 on the leaderboard in the GSoM group on Start Four.

3) 3 winners --- The people with the top 30 total scores for the season will get an entry into a prize drawing for the tonypsd item. We will randomly select 3 winners. The number of entries you get in the prize drawing will be based on your rank on the leaderboard. 2nd-10th will get 5 entries, 11th-15th will get 4 entries, 16th-20th will get 3 entries, 20th-25th will get 2 entries and 26th-30th will get 1 entry. You can check standings for this prize on the leaderboard in the GSoM group on Start Four.

If there is a tie, the people who tie will be put in a random drawing for the prize(s) in question. One prize per person, so if you win contest 1 or 2 and you qualify for contest 3 you won’t be eligible to win again

Thanks for playing and Go Warriors!

Contest #2 Standings: tarantado55 is #1 and looking good. wwiwatt, bobbita, newton, Bu12n, cjsdaddy, CurryMeAway, cybermaldonado and Sesame Charlie round out the top 10. Check the leaderboard for full season standings.

Contest #3 Standings: Check the leaderboard for the top 30.

Contest #1 Standings: Top 50. If you are not listed and want to know where you rank email with your username.

1 bobbita 170.3
2 wwiwatt 168.7
3 tarantado55 168.4
4 newton 165.7
5 Bu12n 163.5
6 CurryMeAway 163.5
7 belilaugh 161.2
8 prozach0215 161.1
9 Sesame Charlie 158.6
10 drcrackles 158.6
11 jpgarfunkle 158.2
12 klaymation 157.6
13 mykelala01 157.5
14 SprewellLovesPJ 157.5
15 stepontee 157.2
16 Killjoy 156.1
17 Critical Roach 156.0
18 CynicalJerk 155.9
19 Lord Varys 155.5
20 gswar 155.3
21 jbax 154.5
22 GrilledCheesus 154.0
23 stmarino 153.9
24 SFHoops 153.6
25 rabidsquirrel 153.3
26 cjsdaddy 152.9
27 GSWarrior1818 152.9
28 cybermaldonando 152.5
29 Saffron 152.1
30 racsan 151.4
31 kureegu03 150.8
32 alexpfeifer 149.2
33 nickmyr23 149.2
34 Warrior Phenom 146.9
35 richstyle 146.7
36 Felixtheelephant 146.7
37 Prince.Charming 146.6
38 leediles 146.3
39 Splash Bros 146.0
40 hibachi 146.0
41 Ildingo 145.2
42 handcold 145.2
43 billo 144.6
44 mentalcut 143.6
45 nischwartz 143.4
46 goldenadobo 142.5
47 youngdubs 141.8
48 cubone104 141.1
49 SKHDB 140.6
50 93GSW 140.0

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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