Comparing the 3 potential 1st round matchups for the Warriors in the Playoffs

The Warriors head into a five game break 17 games over 500, and will face the red-hot Grizzlies (41-28) at Oracle this Friday. The Grizzlies are 7-3 in their last 10, and are inching up on Golden State ever so slightly. If the Warriors do end up snagging the 6th seed, or maybe 5th, the potential first round matchups are very favorable for the Warriors. Lets start off with the toughest, most hated, and most likely opponent:

The Los Angeles Clippers

Toughness Grade: A


LA has arguably the best point guard in the league in CP3, and a young superstar in Blake Griffin. (That hurts me to type). Not only do they have two pieces, but a young center in DeAndre Jordan who is a rebounding machine. The Clippers (49-21) have become one of the leagues deepest teams with the acquisitions of Forward's Danny Granger and Glen (Big Baby) Davis, the Clips have made a statement. The Warriors are 2-2 against the Clippers, each team winning their home games. As a Warrior fan, this matchup gives me worries because of the Clippers bench and coaching experience. One side has an experienced, Finals winning coach. When on the other side, the Warriors have a less experienced coach in MJax.Blake_griffin_high_fives_deandre_jordan_medium


Anyone else hate Blake?

Up next, a young and tough team that the Warriors have matched up against pretty well to this point:

The Houston Rockets

Toughness Grade: A-

The new-look Rockets (47-22) have become one of the strongest and most difficult teams in the West to defeat, and have made it tough for many teams to come away with a W. Houston vs Golden State: Everyone would tune in. Always a good matchup, the Warriors have struggled against them this year though. But, the Warriors defeated them at the Oracle last time out in Overtime. (Block by JO on Chandler Parsons) All in all, the Warriors match up great with Houston. Iggy and Parsons, Klay and Harden, Steph and Lin/Beverly, and Bogut/Jo and D12. However, the Rockets seemed determined this year and will definitely be a tough one for the Dubs if this happens.



(Jermaine absolutely erases Chandler Parsons dunk attempt to seal the deal)

Lastly, probably the most wanted matchup among Dub fans:

The Portland Trail Blazers

Toughness Grade: B

The Blazers (45-25) are the most unlikely matchup for the Warriors, as they sit currently in the 5th seed. LaMarcus Aldridge has been hurt for the past couple of weeks, and the Blazers record has been on the decline ever since. Portland got absolutely destroyed last night by the Bobcats, losing by a near 30. It seems the Blazers and Warriors matchup well, the Warriors taking the last matchup between them by one. Nick Batum dominated that game, draining 5 threes and grabbing 14 boards. The two meet next on April 13 for one last battle, this time in Oakland. An unlikely opponent, but still something to definitely think about.



Could this happen come mid-April?

Thanks for reading, please leave your comments/questions below. Please vote on the poll! Have a great day, and go DUBS!

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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