Warriors Rise Despite Loss to Shorthanded Spurs: Weekly Power Ranking Roundup

Results Since last Rankings Win/Loss Score
vs. Orlando W 103-89
vs. Milwaukee W 115-110
vs. San Antonio L 90-99
2-1 +3.33

Ranking Author Rank Comment Marc Stein 8 (+1) Only Indy, amazingly, has held more teams below 40 percent shooting than the Dubs' 24. What they need now, though, is a healed-up Andre Iguodala. Maybe this cushy stretch coming up, starting with a five-day layoff and serving up only three games total in 10 days, can get him right. Marc Spears 6 (-) The Warriors have a five-day break before playing Memphis on Friday. Andre Iguodala could still be out with a knee injury.
CBS Sports Matt Moore 4 (+1) You know, if they wind up facing the Spurs without the Big Three, they're really in trouble. Other than that, they're probably OK.
Pro Basketball Talk Kurt Helin 9 (-) Harrison Barnes simply has regressed this season, particularly of late - he started three games this week with Andre Iguodala out and shot 2-of-19. Barnes has a world of athleticism but has become a passive jump shooter rather than a guy who attacks, draws contact and puts pressure on a defense. If things don't change Mark Jackson will have to limit his run come the playoffs. John Schuhmann 5 (+1) The timing was good for Andre Iguodala to miss a few games. The Warriors were playing the Magic, Bucks and shorthanded Spurs, followed by five days off. But they let the last one get away, in part because Harrison Barnes is struggling. He shot a brutal 2-for-19 in his three starts. Of 187 players who have attempted at least 100 shots since the All-Star break, he ranks last in effective field-goal percentage. David Aldridge - No rankings this week
SB Nation Jason Patt 8 (-1) While Paul George has really struggled lately, his woes are no match for those of Harrison Barnes. The second-year forward is shooting 20.0 percent in the last five games.
Sheridan Hoops Andrew Kamenetsky 5 (+2) NBAÕs third-best team in efficiency differential over the last month, and playing a lot more like the team everyone anticipated in October. Matt Dollinger 8 (-) Think the Warriors miss Andre Iguodala? Harrison Barnes is shooting 10.5 percent (2-of-19) in his last three games, totaling just eight points in 84 minutes.
USA Today 7 (+1) It is one thing to miss Andre Iguodala against the Bucks and Magic, another against the Spurs.
Average 6.5 (+.5)

' Offensive Efficiency Defensive Efficiency NetRtg RPI Point Differential Hollinger Score and Rank
This Week 104.6 (13) 99.5 (3) 5.1 (7) .540 (8) +4.5 (7,5 in West) 104.906 (6)
Last Week 104.5 (13) 99.5 (3) 5 (7) .541 (8) +4.6 (6,4 in West) 105.846 (5)

Whats on Deck Date Day
vs. Memphis 3/28/14 Friday
vs. New York 3/30/14 Sunday


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