Warriors Settle in at #7: Weekly Power Ranking Roundup

Results Since last Rankings Win/Loss Score
@ Dallas W 122-120
@ San Antonio L 90-111
vs. Sacramento W 102-69
vs. Utah W 130-102
3-1 +10.5

Ranking Author Rank Comment Marc Stein 6 (+1) In the wake of the latest controversy involving an assistant coach, Mark Jackson came out strongly Sunday to insist "there is absolutely no friction" between the coach and his bosses. I'll continue to argue that the backing Jackson keeps getting from his players is the envy of coaches all over the league. Marc Spears 7 (+1) David Lee's timetable to return is unknown because of a nerve irritation in his right hamstring.
CBS Sports Matt Moore 10 (-1) Nothing to see in the front office or coaching staff! All is well! Look at this shiny blowout win over the Jazz! Pretty!
Pro Basketball Talk Kurt Helin 6 (+2) The players seem unfazed by the assistant coach turmoil going on around this team and just keep picking up key wins. They continue to play good defense nightly particularly when Andre Iguodala and Andrew Bogut are both on the court. It's that defense as much as the jump shooting that makes them dangerous in the postseason John Schuhmann 6 (-) Through all their assistant-coach turmoil, the Warriors are set to win 50 games for the first time since 1994, when their leading scorer was Latrell Sprewell. And though their two best defenders - Andre Iguodala and Andrew Bogut - have missed a combined 29 games, they're set to rank in the top-10 defensively for the first time since 1989, when their centers were Ralph Sampson and Manute Bol. David Aldridge
No Ranks this week
SB Nation Jason Patt 6 (+2) The Warriors made mincemeat of the Kings and Jazz in the last two games, winning by a combined 61 points.
Sheridan Hoops Andrew Kamenetsky 7 (-) Looking more and more like they'll finish sixth, hooking up with the Clips in the first round. Be sure to make your thank you offering to the Basketball Gods. Matt Dollinger 7 (+1) The Warriors have lost as many games (two) as assistant coaches in the past two weeks. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but back-to-back wins by a combined 61 points suggests more stability among the team than its recent coaching dismissals would indicate.

USA Today 7 (-) David Lee, who even at 18.5 points and 9.4 rebounds a game remains way underrated.
Average 6.9 (+.5)

' Offensive Efficiency Defensive Efficiency NetRtg RPI Point Differential Hollinger Score and Rank
This Week 105.1 (T-11) 99.7 (4) 5.4 (6) .540 (7) +4.8 (5,4 in West) 104.956 (5)
Last Week 104.6 (13) 99.5 (3) 5.1 (7) .538 (8) +4.4 (7,5 in West) 104.298 (7)


Whats on Deck Date Day
vs. Denver 4/10/14 Thursday
@ LA Lakers 4/11/14 Friday
@ Portland 4/13/14 Sunday

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