Warrior Summertime Blues

Summer Time Sadness

It’s no secret that the Warrior’s front office is looking to make this a splashy summer, but so far it has been nothing but summertime sadness. The playoffs lack an underdog to root for and almost all other fronts are quiet at this time. We are fast approaching the NBA lull of summer.

The Mark Jackson Story

The end of spring brought about the highly publicized coaching change. It seemed like most Warrior fans did not know how to feel about it one way or another. As a long time proponent of Mark Jackson’s ability to build relationships with his players and build up the Warrior franchise, I was disappointed to see him leave so soon. I will concede that many of the members make more articulated points in this regard and towards the end of the year I started to see the holes in his coaching. Yet up until last weekend I was very happy for the work he did to get the most out of Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, and Steph Curry. Harrison Barnes seems like a casualty of too much talent at the small forward position. It is clear that the players supported Mark Jackson and are still disappointed he was fired. The player that surprised me the most was Andrew Bogut, because during the regular season there seemed to be a little bit of a mix up between the two. Steph Curry has been consistent in his support for Mark Jackson, but ownership seemed clear about what Mark Jasckson needed to accomplish in order to stick around.

That being said, he did outperform expectations of many people and built up a solid reputation. All that being said, I am now 100% in support of both the firing of Mark Jackson and the hiring of Steve Kerr.

Full disclosure: the following is second hand knowledge and conjectural at best, but it makes sense from a logical standpoint and I trust my source. Last weekend I ran into a friend of mine who is a long time Warrior season ticket holder and someone who is part of the business world of the Bay Area. I didn’t realize it until last weekend, but he knows Joe Lacob and people in ownership.

At first he would only say it was Mark Jackson’s religion that played the central role at which I was in disbelief. Joe Lacob hired him knowing full well about his pastor ties. Then he said "If an employee openly disagrees with management than it makes sense that they are fired." This has a little bit more truth, but the results on the floor were good. A little growing pain between ownership and a coach seems natural enough. At which point he gave up a new fact that made it all fit together, which is that Mark Jackson is homophobic. Rick Welts, who came over from the Suns is openly gay and that just does not work for an organization. This is the modern era of basketball, where owners are banned for being racist. Take my words with a grain of sand, but it fits rationally.

After hearing this I finally felt comfortable with the decision of letting him go and I’m impressed with how management and ownership handled the affair. From a moral perspective, firing Mark Jackson was the right thing to do, even if he helped bring the Warriors out of the bottom of the NBA.

Now the question of the summer is how do we advance next year as a franchise?

Well there are a number of holes on this roster depending on what your philosophy of building a roster is. My personal belief is that you build your team with the best players available, but balance that with what the coach is looking for and who is already on the team.

Bob Myer’s targets are shooting, athleticism, and size. Seems normal enough to me. Warriors lacked shooting off the bench and possibly at the three and four spot in the starting line-up after Iguodala’s three-point percentage went back to the mean by the end of the season. It’s also no secret that Steve Kerr wants a stretch four. It is obvious that ownership wants another super-star to pair with Stephen Curry.

Beyond a stretch four, the roster is also missing a decent back-up point guard (preferably one with some height and slash-n-kick ability), a three and D shooting guard, and a decent back-up center (Ezeli might be able to fill this role, but they will still need a third string if that’s the case).

Five players at five positions that would help the Warriors

Point Guard

Shooting Guard

Small Forward

Power Forward



Shaun Livingston

Lance Stephenson

Carmelo Anthony

Kevin Love

Marcin Gortat


Darren Collison

Thabo Sefolosha

PJ Tucker

Channing Frye

Spencer Hawes


Patrick Beverly

Avery Bradley

Brandon Rush

Patrick Patterson

Samuel Dalembert


Devin Harris

Vince Carter

Danny Granger

Darrell Arthur

Kosta Koufos


Greivis Vasquez

Ray Allen

Caron Butler

Pero Antic

Ekpe Udoh

Players already on the Warriors radar thanks to Hoops Rumors:

The Warriors are already set to work out free agents Toure’ Mouray and James Nunnally.

The Warriors don’t own a draft pick, but that does not mean the Warriors are taking this one off. These are the names that have come up in connection to Dubs in some way:

Aaron Gordon (DraftExpress: 10th) (Work-outs)
Nik Stausus (DraftExpress: 13th) (Warriors are a bit Kerr-ious)
Zach LaVine (DraftExpress: 17th) (Work-outs)

This FanPost is a submission from a member of the mighty Golden State of Mind community. While we're all here to throw up that W, these words do not necessarily reflect the views of the GSoM Crew. Still, chances are the preceding post is Unstoppable Baby!

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