Report Cards

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Kelenna Azubuike


Swish "Mully called me on New Years' Eve and asked me if I liked sambuca, and I said 'Yeah,' " Nelson recalled. "And he went out there and signed this guy, Azubuike. "I thought it was a drink and...

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: A Double Dip - Ike Diogu and Keith Mcleod


So much wasted talent. Sam? Mark? Sorry, Keith, I keep forgetting your name. Can you go put one of those name tags on?Let's rip off this next report card as a double dip. It's half of the guys...

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Adonal Foyle


Looking for a new job?The longest tenured Warrior is now gone. Adonal Foyle, you will be missed, not for your basketball skills, but for the energy you brought back into the arena during blowouts....

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Josh Powell


With the Josh Powell "going to the Clippers" rumors flying, I thought posting his report card would be appropriate for the Clippers' scouts. We didn't get to see much of JP this year because his...

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Mike Dunleavy


I'll be perfectly honest. It brings me great pleasure to compile the very last GSoM report card ever for Mike Dunleavy. Let's just get this thing over with fast. Consequently, there will be no F...

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Troy Murphy


When it comes to handing out Golden State Warriors report cards for the 2006-2007 NBA season the professors here at GSoM leave no stone unturned. That means these fellas and their bad hairdos will...

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Zarko Cabarkapa


Who was the most consistent Warrior this past season? Was it Boom Dizzle when he was healthy? Was it Monta aside from the playoffs? Was it Andris before Nellie decided to go smaller than small down...

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Sarunas Jasikevicius


Sarunas Jasikevicius. The man. The 2 time Olympic Bronze medal winner. The misspelling. The free throw specialist. The 4 million dollar Thunder. The SUPERSTAR*. SUPERSTAR* wife! SUPERSTAR*...

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Matt Barnes


Who would've thought back in October that Matt Barnes would actually make the Warriors' roster? Who would've thought he'd be starting for Nellie as early as November? Who would've thought he'd...

2k6-2k7 REPORT CARD: Mickael Pietrus


Back in training camp before the season began Mickael worked his butt off in practice and impressed Don Nelson so much that he won the starting 3 spot. When the Charmin soft DunMurphy tandem got...

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