Ivan Bettger

Writer, Podcaster

I joined the Golden State of Mind community in September of 2006, and have been on the writing staff since November of 2012. I once wrote a 1,000+ word critique on the Warriors' alternate sleeved uniforms, and Robin Lopez commented on my article on Facebook. Kids: dreams do come true.


2013-14 Warriors Season Review: David Lee

Let's look back at the life and times of Warriors PF David Lee, who, in the summer of 2014, tragically metamorphosed into a string of statistics and contract figures. He used to be a man. A man who...

Mindcast Episode 6: NBA Free Agency Crazytalk


Golden State of Mindcast is back! We're talking free agency. We're talking LeBron James. We're talking summer league. It's all right there in the mp3, ready for your ears to voraciously consume.

Alvin Gentry "receiving strong interest" from Warriors


I can dig this. Gentry is a guy with solid head coaching experience and one who has always seemed to have the respect of his players. The poaching of the Clippers would be an added, magnificent bonus.

Warriors befuddled as LAC unleashes the yeti


Game 5 Recap: DeAndre Jordan gave the Golden State Warriors the ol' Adam Silver Treatment — that is to say, he dropped the hammer.


Preview/Gamethread: Warriors at Blazers.

BIG GAME! Ok, post-clinch, maybe not. But it's as big as it gets before the postseason, so let's finish it off strong.

Recap: Warriors win in San Antonio! In 1997.


In an attempt to flee the carnage we just witnessed, I jump in my time machine and visit happier days: February 14, 1997, the last time the Warriors beat the Spurs during the regular season in San...

Preview: Warriors at Mavericks. Optimism on empty.


The Warriors have put themselves in a tough spot. I'm somehow in there with them.

Preview: Warriors vs. Grizzlies. Great, now bears?


Haven't we had enough trouble this week without having some Grizzlies stealing our honey?

Recap: Warriors bag a big one, torch Mavericks


In what suddenly became apparent to a certain GSOM writer who's not all that bright, this game against the Dallas Mavericks was huge. Luckily Jordan Crawford and the revitalized bench unit knew...


GameThread: Warriors at Raptors

Road games against the Eastern Conference? Yes please!

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