Golden State of Design

Golden State's fun loving beer!


This was a pet project I worked on this past weekend. I had so much fun flipping the script on the St. Pauli's Beer concept. I modeled it after the Warrior Girls very own Kelsey! Inspired by...

Keeping it Golden... State of design!


It's been one rough week for the Warriors faithful. Boom going Hollywood happened so fast and I'm still in disbelief. I can only wish the best for Davis and look towards our future with the Dubz...

Hip-Hop with a touch of "W"


We're back at it one more time on the Photoshop tip and right where I left off with last week's Native Dubz post. It's summer time and I'm seriously on chill mode- that also goes for some of my...

The Native Dubz have been reinstated!


I can never get enough of The Native Tongues era of conscious Hip-Hop throughout the late 80's and early 90's. I was also a big fan of the artwork rocked on their album covers long before...

Back to basics... drawing Austin Croshere


Here's a little something I did, as requested by  Mr. Croshere himself. I know the off season has me drawing less, and spending more time working out but you'll be seeing more of these during the...

New at the GSoM Store 2.0!


    Boy am I late with this one. It's actually been posted up on the store for a little over a month now, I just didn't really have a chance to plug it here on GSoM.  The great news is...

Golden State of Mind... GTA style!


It seems like forever since I've posted anything new on GSoM and I apologize for that. One thing I'm happy to share with the world is that I've been on a diet for 9 weeks now and have...

The Golden State Beard


  Inspired by the good folks over at Fear the Beard! What if we were to flip the script on believing this season and simply... grow a beard! I know it's a far fetched idea but a lot of people...

Golden State Gallery


Oh Austin... shall we shag before or after the game?I'm down to my last 4 games of the season! (including GSoM Night 4!) Renewal for next year's season and this years playoffs are just too much...

Take your pick: GSoM wallpaper


4 new desktop wallpapers only available at GSoM. (Monitor not included)Atma and I thought about this a long time ago. Why did it take so long to produce? I have no idea. I guess I just got caught...

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