Golden State of Design

GSoM Blockbusters


Make it a Blockbuster Night and recreate Hollywood moments with Dub players past and present!Night after night we get to witness the finest "Pick n' Roll" in the NBA and with this Sunday's return...

Golden State Super Friends


Taking it from the top (left) Azubuike (as The Martian Man Hunter, Harrington as Batman, Warrior Girl Alexis as Wonder Woman, Jackson as The Green Lantern, Monta  as The Flash, Biedrins as Aquaman...

Happy Holidays from GSoM!


From left to right: Thunder Snowman, Lil' Monta, Santa Baron, Lil' Dubz Girl and guest starring Tony.psd! Ho! Ho! Ho! Season's Greetings and Happy Holidays to everyone here at GSoM! Some Xmas...

Double Dose... Jackson and Pietrus get Animated with Tony.psd


Note to self: Draw more Stephen Jackson! After going through my database, I just realized I only have 1 drawing of him! That needs to change. It's only fitting to set off a drawing session with the...

How to draw... "It's a Great Time Out!" with Tony.psd


If you don't know... now you know! I'm an Adobe Illustrator Junkie and yes, it's all done with the Pen Tool.Where to begin and what can I say... I was in the mood to draw our wonderful friends at...

It's a Blockbusta' Night starring GSW!


Straight outta' Tony.psd's selection of favorite flicks!I love movies. All kinds too- action, martial arts, B-rated, zombie movies, killer animal movies, mobster, hip-hop action, hoops, you name...

Lil' Dubz go Trick or Treatin'!


"They're back and all dressed up for Halloween!"Halloween's just around the corner and it's only right to get our Lil' Dubz dressed up and ready to go out on that Trick or Treat tip! A lot of...

Popcorn time! Marco Belinelli looks like who?!?


Just a few of my favorite Belinelli action... ahem, excuse me Stallone action flicks only on GSoM!The hype is on! Everybody's catching on the resemblance Marco Belinelli carries similar to that of...

"We Believe" Tribute by Tony.psd (Sign design concept 1)


The sweet taste of victory. (Illustrated by Tony.psd exclusively for GSoM!) So many things went down during the NBA 2007 playoffs for the Dubz that I don't even know where to begin. Highlight...

So you wanted Boom Dizzle on the cover of NBA 2K8?


2K8 Basketball Fans rejoice! Tony.psd and GSoM remixed the cover to NBA 2K8 for the XBOX 360 and PS3!First and foremost no disrespect to Chris Paul for making the cover of 2K Sports: NBA 2K8...

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