2K7 Warriors Media Day: The Interviews (Part 2)


Here's some more Warriors Media Day coverage with my spin on the interviews. Everyone else is in this one except Baron and Beans. Once again, gotta thank the Warriors and Raymond Ridder for...

2K7 Warriors Media Day: The Interviews (Part 1)


First off, many thanks so much to Raymond Ridder and the Warriors for letting Golden State of Mind attend the Warriors Media Day. Hopefully we can set up some more things like this in the future....

2K7 Warriors Media Day: Fun Anecdotes


I'm still writing up my notes on the interviews but first, I thought I'd share some of the fun anecdotes from the day. Usually, as fans, we get access to the quotes and reports that the columnists...

2K7 Warriors Media Day: More Alternate Jerseys


Just getting around to writing up my experience at the Warriors Media Day. One of the cool things I saw, new jerseys. Similar style to "The City" jerseys, but with the GSoM CA outline and throwing...

GSOM Night 2: Final Call


Update: We're up to 715 tickets sold with another 40 or so still in reserve. 715 is amazing. We've more than doubled last year's 350 tickets sold. Gobble up the reserved tickets quick before...

GSOM Night 2: One More Chance


We're up to 525 tickets sold! We broke the 500 barrier and are looking to keep it going strong. Thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket.We want to keep pushing the ticket count higher and...

GSOM Night 2: Magnitude 10 in the Oracle!


Update: I just spoke with Chris Murphy and he's informed me that the original tickets in the $30 section have sold out. The next set of tickets are $40 (normally $48). They're in a better section...

GSOM Night 2: Come Get Some


There's very little time left to purchase exclusive opening night tickets before the general public does. I was told that they go on sale to the general public in mid-September. Guess what, it's...

GSOM Night 2: Exclusive Opening Night Tickets Available


GSoM Night 2 ticket sales are off and running. At the end of last week, we were up to 165 tickets sold. We sold that many in the span of about a week! I'm looking forward to seeing all of you at...

GSoM Night II - WE GSOM!


Last week, I dropped a couple hints about the sequel to the original GSoM Night. We're stepping it up a notch with the help of GSoM friend and Warriors group ticket sales representative, Chris...

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