Klay Thompson- Golden State's Two-Way Shooting Guard (2013-14) (HD)


There is so much clamor about whether to include a player like Klay in a trade for KLove, so i decided to make a mix of his 2013-14 season. Enjoy Klay's offensive & defensive highlights.

Breakdown of Stephen Curry's shooting form


What's up GSoM fam? Warriors news has been pretty dead lately, eh? I just wanted to share a video that I made that shows Steph's shooting mechanics and why they work so flawlessly. A lot of you might be surprised that squaring your feet to the basket and jumping straight up and down actually hinders your shooting ability. Go ahead and give this video a watch. Like it on youtube and let me know what you think in the comment section (on GSoM or on youtube) Thanks!

Klay to Lakers to get Love in a 3-way?


Doesn't really make sense that all Minn wants is a draft pick. And the W's need to be able to unload Lee.

Cavs willing to deal Wiggins... What does this mean for the Warriors + Love?


With the Cavs now willing to include Andrew Wiggins, does this essentially knock us out of contention for the Love sweepstakes?

With Brandon Rush Signing, This Coming Season is all about Redemption For Golden State Warriors


The Warriors signed Brandon Rush Wednesday to a two-year deal. His story has come near full-circle with hopes of redemption in Golden State, but he's not the only member of Golden State searching for redemption.

Brandon Rush signs 2 year deal with Warriors


2nd year is player option. nice to have brush back! hopefully he can duplicate what he gave us in the 12-13 season!

BREAKING NEWS: Klay Thompson off table


No but really... if this trade does go through with just Barnes, Lee + future 1st, doesn't that mean Iguodala and or Bogut are the odd men out after next year? How would they sign Klay and Love? Is it worth it to give up our top defensive guys? Are they planning to get younger at the SF/C position. Who knows?

David Lee has minor surgery


Well...crap. As I recall, Lee was fully healed prior to last season and "as healthy as he's ever been" He didn't look right all season last year and yet we are just now taking surgical intervention?? I mean, this has to be the injury from the Denver series right??

Crawfish in a S&T?


What could we get back? Bulls, Mavs, Lakers, Knicks, & Nets apparently interested.

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