Curry to play in SF ProAm TONIGHT!


Rusty simmons is reporting steph & seth will suit up for SF ProAm tonight!

Luke Walton hired by Kerr


Starting to round out his staff some more. Not sure what to make of this.

Keeping Klay


Is it enough to justify no Kevin Love?

Curry Prefers Keeping Lee and Thompson


No one has been posting the recent Mercury articles, not that there's anything new, but something is better than nothing.

Also, here's an article discussing the cap room and the limited options in free agency:

Recent Article about Klay Thompson's and other SG's Value


Interesting article on Thompson and SG's in the league today in regard to value.

It's a crap shoot! Re-picking the past 20 drafts


Just because I know we are all going crazy waiting for news on draft day. This Grantland article does a good job of showing why Minny may be opting for "retooling" with established players, rather than going for a rebuild via a ton of draft picks.

NBA Rumors: Warriors could trade for Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin?


Parsons would be a great replacement for Klay if we end up trading for Love.

Rumor: LeBron is part of Warriors' motivation to pursue Kevin Love?


...I think the Warriors are very motivated to get Kevin Love in part I think not just because he’s an upgrade over David Lee, but in part because I think that now that you can have a Steph Curry and you have a Kevin Love, I think they feel at that point that they could be credible suitors for LeBron James.

From ESPN’s Chad Ford: Warriors want Kevin Love so they can make ‘compelling case’ for LeBron James by Diamond Leung of the Bay Area News Group.

Now they're just toying with us...

Ford also suggests that it's Harrison Barnes - not Klay Thompson - holding up the deal at this point, as tweeted previously by Jerry Zgoda,

To follow all the back and forth rumors, check out our Kevin Love sweepstakes storystream.

*Speculation* Report: Warriors, Wolves have agreed on Love-Martin for Lee-Thompson, fighting over picks


I have no idea how reliable this guy is but felt the need to share. Chad Ford thinks the deal is going to happen based on his past experiences. He believes the foundation has already been laid out and they're just working out the fillers. The interview can be heard here:

Video: Steph Curry & hard work


Because watching Steph Curry at work will never get old.

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