One can only dream....


Sigh. I'd buy the collectors edition.

David Lee - "Return of the Dragon"


Most memorable GSW moment of 2012-2013 was when David Lee surprised the nation with an epic return in playoffs Game 6 against Denver after suffering a hip injury. Derrick Rose can learn from him..

In Mark We Trust Stickers


Hey everybody. I made these stickers for a class this past year and I have a ton of extra ones. I am willing to send people some if they would like any. Contact me at if interested. Let me know if you would like to help me decrease my stock. Donations are welcome if you'd like to help me with the cost of mailing. Go Warriors!

Warrior Rant - Parallels of this season in my life


My name is Gal Shapira. I am 23 years old and played one year of college basketball at De Anza College (this yr) I didn't play minutes but I learned to be a team guy ala R. Jefferson and to stay ready ala Andris. Please allow me to draw a few parallels: 1. Here is the end of our Junior College bracket (Mt. San Antonio in first place WTF mate..?). I would like to point out that tested, solid, winning programs do go down (SF City) went undefeated and was taken down! (Cal Coast South) 2. De Anza had a good season compared to outsider expectations we won half of our games(13-13). When we lost six in-a-row somewhere midseason I wasn't appreciating the similarness to the Warriors season. However once the conference games began we got hot and were able to win 8 out of 12 of those. I am pretty proud of that. We earned home court for a tie-break play in game to go Dancing Cali ju-co style, but lost that game Although we lost to a SJ City team in the play in round ( a team we split the home-and-away reg. season with)... My point is that a team of guys from Cupertino in the South Bay wasn't expected to do much but we practiced hard from October till Early March and got better and had fun. Winning half of the games you play is a cool feeling. I hate losing more than I like winning so it wasn't always great. But, coming back like we did vs. Monterrey Penn. in their gym was sweet like the GAME 4 Warriors did late in the fourth by getting stops and having a clutch Jarret Jack! Misc: Festus Ezeli started as a film guy for juco Stephen Jackson got to practice with the Suns and made the NBA thru a tough route, but the guy was able to drill a bunch of threes and played well in the We Believe postseason, right! I lived in a suburb of Dallas from 06' till a year ago and went to 07' games one and 2 in My J-Rich/R. Barry Jersey. This team has been thru some ish since then. Hehehehe Warrior Wonder became Tank Commander. Kelenna and Morrow turned into Mavericks, as did Brian Cardinal, as well as Brandon Wright. and there was Chris Wright... Who doesn't remember rooting for Chris Porter. I guess all I am trying to say is, regardless of how much Warrior-dumb you have been thru you all/Y'all deserve what is going on right now. Now text everybody you know about the 630 start time and finally, last but not least LGW PS: Thank you IQofaWarrior for all you have been doing for the GSOM community.

Bogut does 300


Is Andrew Bogut the reincarnation of King Leonidas? His performance Sunday night against the Nuggets would suggest so!

I hope Ed Lee does this!


Hey everyone! My buddy Corby ( made this graphic. Hope everyone enjoys it!

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