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Winning Streak lifts Warriors in power rankings

Results Since last Rankings Win/Loss Score @ Sacramento W 101-92 vs. Houston W 102-99 vs. Brookyln W 93-86 Total 3-0 +6.3 Ranking Author Rank Comment M...


Looking at the Warriors' post-All-Star schedule

Comparing the post-All-Star schedules of Dallas, Phoenix, GSW, and Memphis as they aim for the postseason.


Where does Steph stand in the chase for 272?

As Curry's last 30 games show last season show, he could heat up and break his own three point shooting record.


The comedy of watching the Warriors

A Harvard grad is wrapping up her first job interview when the Interviewer asks, "What do you think would be a fair salary for this position?" The Harvard grad replies, "$130,000 a year, plus...


An analysis of Harrison Barnes' best games

In the discussion following the Warriors win over the Utah Jazz on Friday, the topic about whether Harrison Barnes has had a whole good game this year was brought up. Jae responded with two...

Stephen Curry: All-Star!

Stephen Curry is starting in his first NBA All-Star appearance. He's the top vote-getting Western guard, and fourth overall in total votes with 1,047,281. Go Dub Nation! Unstoppable Baby!


Weekly Power Ranking Roundup 1/20/2014

Results Since last Rankings Win/Loss Score vs. Denver L 116-123 @ Oklahoma City L 121-127 @ New Orleans W 97-87 Total 1-2 -1 Ranking Author Rank Comment Marc...


Weekly Power Ranking Roundup: GSW still rising

Results Since last Rankings Win/Loss Score @ Milwaukee W 101-80 @ Brooklyn L 98-102 vs. Boston W 99-97 Total 2-1 +6.33 Ranking Author Rank Comment Marc Stein 2...


Warriors Weekly Power Ranking Roundup - 1/6/2014

Ranking Author Rank Comment Marc Stein 3 (+5) Make it nine straight wins and a gaudy record of 18-3 when the first-choice starting five of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Andre ...

Interpretive #FullSquad art


Andrew Muggsy Bogues' creation from the comments of the Atlanta Hawks recap takes the cake for most rec'd post thus far in 2014...and that's probably because it's awesome.


Hitler reacts to #FullSquad

This is hilarious.

I wish I could throw it down like Andre Iguodala.

Andre Iguodala makes a couple cameos. Stephen Curry also has his name dropped. Throw back to some early 90s rap.

Road Warriors


Did anyone else make the trek up I-80 to cheer on the Dubs? Our party bus rolled 50 Deep to Sacramento to Unite, Battle, Protect and Defend. Weapons included Blue and Gold Cowbells, Whistles, Posters, Burger King Crowns, Homemade PhatHeads, "3" Signs to flash any time there was a Splash from Downtown (And luckily there were many of those!) and 100 confetti poppers to set off for when the Warriors won the game in exciting fashion. Big ups to Joe Lacob, Raymond Ridder, Chris Murphy, Ryan Buckley, Franco Finn and CSN Bay Area, and the entire Organization for helping put together a unbelievably crazy fun experience! After all that, to return home, re-watch the game on TV, and be able to hear ourselves cheering and chanting....unreal. This was my seventh year organizing a trip up to Sacramento, and I have no doubt there will be an eighth next season!


The Chase for 272: Will Klay or Steph get there?

Thus far in the season, both Klay and Steph are both ahead of Steph's pace from last year and have a good shot at breaking the record Steph set last season.

Coach Nick breaking down last night's game

He expands on his view that Barnes will be our best player at 3:44 And look at those handles at 5:05 - tell me that wasn't a thing of beauty

A little motivation for your week

Watching this video makes me thankful to have Stephen Curry. He is destined for greatness.

Steph Curry's Modeled His Game After Steve Nash & Reggie Miller

"I'm standing a little taller this year" -Curry. dat wordplay

Our beloved mascot, Thunder Spotted in China!

our mascot has been apparently lurking in China and just trolled one of the Warriors' videos in China. Spotted at 0:05 of the video


Observations from GSW's First 3 Preseason Games

By Sam Sorkin @samsportfan23 While Golden State's exhibition games so far have measured one win and two losses, the preseason isn't really about focusing on wins and losses. Rather, these games...

Chris Mullin showin the Kings that shooters never lose their touch

lol Jimmer. Mitch Richmond cameoed in this vid as well.

Warriors Visiting Prisoners

The Warriors are going out on a limb, playing basketball with prison inmates. The idea, I think, is to treat them like human beings and possibly encourage them to get back on a more productive, lawful path in life.

Nedovic vs Parker

17pts, 3reb, 5/8 3pt vs France

Bogut Healthy.....

Positive news (better than the alternative). Best part: "...Now I'm back to a point where I can make quick moves and go off the dribble" We're all hoping it stays that way.

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