GSoF: AFC and NFC South Preview


The AFC South Indianapolis ColtsPeyton finally proved to all the haters that he could win when it mattered the most, but can he do it again? Better yet, can the Colts finally pull off that...

GSoF: AFC and NFC North Preview


The AFC North Baltimore RavensHarder, better, faster, stronger? The Baltimore offense was revamped last year with the addition of Air McNair and it showed as they finished the year at 13-3....

GSoF: 2007 NFC East Preview


Dallas CowboysI hate to admit it, but this team looks good. I also hate to admit it, but T.O. still has it. As much as I hate this team and all that it stands for, they have a shot at doing...

GSoF Version 2.0 - It's in the Game!


First, thanks to the starting 5, Tony.psd, , and the whole GSoM community for the warm welcome! It feels amazing to be part of the movement, and I know this football season will be a great one!With...

OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 8 - Picks and Posts


Last week, the Raiders finally won a game beating perhaps an equally bad team, the Arizona Cardinals. This week, the road gets a little tougher as the Steelers come to town. As far as the Niners,...

OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 7 - Picks and Posts


It's that time of the week again. Week 7 has a lot of key matchups and some tough games to pick. With my record, you might want to go opposite of what I pick, but I might get lucky. Anyways, here...

OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 6- Picks & Posts


Last week GSoF squared off with the 49ers running away with the W against the still winless Raiders. GSoM favorite SFist had a fun breakdown of the 49ers vs Raiders that you should definitely check...

OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 5 - Picks and Posts


Atma and I drove down to the land of smog, traffic, and Kobe for a friend's wedding. Even though he's a Laker fan, he's still our boy so we came down to celebrate the good times. We apologize for...

OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 4 - Picks and Posts


Last week?s Week 3 Picks and Posts established a new record for most user predictions. Thanks everyone and let?s set a new record this week.San Francisco 49ers It was a disappointing loss, but it...

OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 3 - Picks and Posts


The Week 2 results for the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders were on opposite ends of the spectrum. The 49ers looked great in a 20-13 win over the Rams. The suddenly ?potent? Alex Smith to...

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