Media Hype for Golden State of Mind

Thanks to everyone for spreading the word about Golden State of Mind, your source for Golden State Warriors news, hype, rumors, humor, science, history, and fashion! Here's some of the love we've gotten around the 'net. Make sure to check out all these great hoop spots on the web and tell'em, we sent you.


Deadspin's #1 Golden State Warriors blog in Blogdom's Best: Golden State Warriors:

Bright, snappy, well-written. If you’re a Warriors fan, will put a smile on your face despite the Pacific Division standings.


Slam Magazine's The Dirty 30:

A professional blog. That’s the only way I can describe it. But they say they’re changing the name and moving on to something big. Judging by how the blog looks now, they deserve it. They also make fun of L’il Dun constantly.'s "brightest and most prolific bloggers to add to your bookmark folder":

Described as "Your one stop destination for Warriors news, hype, rumors, humor, science, history, and fashion." Yep, you need a sense of humor to be a Warriors fan and these guys have it in spades. The Dunleavy-bashing is worth the cost of a click.


True Hoop:

The Golden State Warriors Blog is right on top of every little Warrior detail, including the minutia of Baron Davis's training regimen.


From Blez of Athletics Nation- Check out Golden State of Mind:

The Golden State Warriors had their biggest and most exciting win of the season last night against the Dallas Mavericks.
I'm not that much of a basketball fan, but the guys over at Golden State of Mind have been doing an outstanding job of chronicling a team that has failed to live up to expectations this year (yes, the Warriors did have a lot of high expectations coming into this year).
I recommend you check out the site if you get a moment and making it a regular stop if you're a Warriors fan. Despite the losing season and the disappointment, it's some great stuff.


From TZ of Sactown Royalty- Sassy New Sister Site:

SBNation's water broke again, the trollop.
This time, out came Golden State of Mind, a new Warriors blog brought to you by the fellas behind previously excellent Golden St. Warriors BLOG.
This is the fourth NBA blog on SBNation. We have, um, like 26 to go before the Hoops Caucus catches up to the MLB contingent.
So go over and give GSoM a hearty hello. Then, remind them they're very close to being in last place.


Give Me The Rock:

"atma brother #1" and "fantasy junkie" are turning the new Golden State Warriors blog into one of the most prolific news sources in my BlogLines account.

From Give Me The Rock's Carnival #17:
Evidently there are at least 30 Power Forwards in the NBA. I might have drafted some of them mere days ago, but didn’t come up with Troy Murphy. GSW Blog says the starting PF for the Warriors is #18 on the list. Also in this post is an introduction to the somewhat controversial "fun" meter.



From the Golden State Warriors blog (which is one of the best blogs we've seen that focuses on one team)...


SFList's The Warriors: The Dream Goes Limp:

Over at Golden State of Mind, YaoButtaMing is reaching his limit: "There is NOT one single positive thing I want to discuss tonight. I do not care about anyone's 42 point performance when we as a team stink so badly! Every single game is now a do or die situation and we lose to the freaking Hawks! Need I really say more? I don't know whats worse, being stuck in traffic unable to watch the game, or having to sit in traffic listening to the end of the game unfold. There were times I wanted to drive my car onto incoming traffic!" His top-10 list of positive things the Warriors did against the Squawks would make Scott McClellan proud.


MVN- Celtics 17's Carnival of the NBA #22:

Golden State Warriors BLOG has a new dope contributor [Hash] and his first article. They also want you to know that This is Ike Diogu’s Year and want to rub it in the faces of Celtics fans everywhere that the Warriors won the rematch on their home court.


MVN- Impending Firestorm's Carnival of the NBA #18:

Are you curious as to why exactly Mike Dunleavy got such a huge contract with the Warriors? Well, the writers over at Golden State Warrios Blog have amazingly come up with 44 reasons why Dunleavy shouldn’t have gotten the extension (one for each million in his contract), which can be read here. And if you’re in the mood for some laughs, check out this wonderful photos of the Warriors-Suns game here. Last but not least, make sure you check out where Baron Davis ends up on their list of best point guards in the game today. Is he top 5? Is he top 10? Who knows? Check it out here!


The NBA Source's Carnival of the NBA #24:

Has moved to Golden State of Mind. Keep the faith fellas…


CelticsBlog's Carnival of the NBA #23:

Another player who seems to delight in ruining fantasy teams the world over is Baron Davis. The Warriors blog crew has noticed the poor shooting too. But they ain’t mad at em, they’re much more upset with Dunleavy’s overly white comments.


MVN- Attack of the Supersonics' Carnival of the NBA #20:

Even if the Warriors can’t catch the Clippers by the end of the season, the guys over at GSWBlog would like you to know that at least Mike Dunleavy will make it look good.



If we missed your shout out, definitely drop us a line at

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