Warriors blown out by Clippers in Game 2, 138-98

Blake Griffin scored a career-high 35 points, but the Clippers' bench helped put this game out of reach in the first half of a 40 point rout of the Warriors in Game 2.

Three lessons from the Warriors' Game 1 win

The Warriors pulled off a surprising Game 1 victory that probably can't realistically be duplicated. But what might we be able to take away from the game anyway?

Mark Jackson's game 1

The good and the bad of Mark Jackson as an NBA coach were on display Saturday. How'd he come off?

Warriors steal Game 1 against Clippers, 109-105

Game 1 of the Warriors' first round game against the Clippers lived up to expectations, made even sweeter by the winning outcome to steal home court advantage.

Post-game celebration thread: Dubs survive RefShow

We're still trying to digest what just happened today, but here are some the crazier things that happened with the help of basketball Twitter.

Warriors get to 50 against Minnesota, 130-120

It has been 20 years since the Warriors won 50 games and they got back there in entertaining fashion.

Splash Brothers torch Utah in 130-102 rout

A dominant home win in which Steph Curry added another milestone to his resume and Klay Thompson was about as confident as he has ever been.

Recap: Warriors win in San Antonio! In 1997.

In an attempt to flee the carnage we just witnessed, I jump in my time machine and visit happier days: February 14, 1997, the last time the Warriors beat the Spurs during the regular season in San Antonio.

Warriors get rest after falling to Spurs, 99-90

The Warriors will get a much-needed five days of rest after a loss to the Spurs at Oracle Arena.


Splash Brothers lead GSW to thrilling comeback win

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson combined for 64 points to help dig the Warriors out of yet another hole and come back to win 113-112 in Portland.

A complete defensive collapse

Defense is a team effort and the Warriors got little of it in a 103-94 loss to the Cavs at Oracle Arena.

Recap: Warriors bag a big one, torch Mavericks

In what suddenly became apparent to a certain GSOM writer who's not all that bright, this game against the Dallas Mavericks was huge. Luckily Jordan Crawford and the revitalized bench unit knew better.

Klay Thompson, Game Winner!

Thompson capped off his splendid, sixteen point fourth quarter with a beautiful game-winning fallaway over George Hill with less than a second left. The shooting guard put up 25 on Indiana's top-ranked defense in leading the Warriors to a huge win.

Curry triple-double leads evisceration over Knicks

Stephen Curry messed around and got a triple-double in three quarters and the Splash Brothers were on fire all night. Golden State ran the Knicks ragged en route to season-highs of 73 points at the half and 126 in a 23-point win.

A win is a win

A Warriors team that "didn't have much energy" escaped the Palace with a 104-96 win over the Pistons.

Recap: Warriors and Speights eat souls of Sixers.

Simultaneously joyous in that it was a blowout victory and depressing in the one-sidedness of the affair, the Warriors finished off the Sixers 134-80 Monday night. I talk a little bit about the bar I was at.

Warriors lose to Pacers. Reasons are unsurprising.

The Warriors are good. The Pacers are better. That played out pretty much as you'd have expected Monday night.

Warriors Slip Past Feisty Celtics 99-97

If you had never watched the Celtics this season before last night, you'd think they were leading the Atlantic division. I'm one of those people who hasn't watched them all season, mostly because...

Recap: W's beat Clips in a rugged Christmas battle

Characterized by multiple fracases and ejections, the Christmas spirit was alive last night. The Warriors walked away with the fruitcake.

Iguodala and Warriors beat Pelicans, stir my heart

In which I express love. Lots of love. But, like, sports love!

Finally! The Warriors beat Memphis!

Golden State beats Grizzlies by 26, at their place, no less; Klay's 30 and Lee and Curry double-doubles help Warriors go wire-to wire against the Grizzlies.

The awkwardness of a 27-point comeback win

The Warriors came back from 27 points down at home to beat the Raptors 112-103 last night. They were also down 27 points to the Raptors at home.

Recap: Westbrook wills win over Warriors, we weep

What could have been a great game ended up in heartache. It was still a pretty good game.

Curry's 29 not enough in 103-99 loss to Dallas

An ugly game that is best forgotten.

Mikki Moore, Kiwi Gardner & joys of the D-League

The Santa Cruz Warriors routed the Reno Bighorns last night, which afforded Kiwi Gardner the opportunity to get his first points of the season much to the delight of the fans.

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