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A Quiet 4th of July Weekend [SFGate]


"If nothing happens between Elton Brand and the Warriors, which is still the likeliest scenario, don't expect Golden State to turn around and hand out another huge offer to an outside free agent. As one team source told me, the plan is to "take our time" sorting through the rest of the market. Josh Smith? Sources inside and outside the organization say he's not on the Warriors' radar. Corey Maggette? The Warriors like him, but not at much more than the mid-level exception. Andre Iguodala? Even if the Warriors went after him, (which I'm not sure they will), his restricted status is a big hurdle." -------------------------------------------------- How can Josh Smith NOT be on the Warriors' radar? It's good to see the Warriors aren't going to foolishly break the bank for Maggette, but not even taking a shot at Iggy is pretty questionable. Until proven otherwise, cap space for loser teams without star power to draw other big names or a winning tradition is meaningless. I think we'll "take our time" renewing our season tickets this year too.

Nothing in Return [Ballhype]


"when you effectively trade Baron, Gilbert, J-Rich, and Jamison for a half season of Nick the Quick and the upside potential of Brandan Wright, you're going to have a tough time staying competitive." - Jason ----------------------------------------------------- I guess this is why they keep raising ticket prices? I can't tell who's dumber. The Warriors' front office and ownership who has been to the playoffs ONCE in the past 14 years thanks to a plethora of silly blunders or fans like us who keep them floating in green despite their obvious incompetence. The Golden State Warriors... where every year's a rebuilding year!

Rumor: Warriors to Go After Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala


"The Warriors became players in free-agent negotiations after Baron Davis opted out of his contract Monday, and they could be the chief challengers to the Sixers, not only for Brand but also for Smith and Andre Iguodala. The Warriors have big offers on the table for two unrestricted free agents, Brand and guard Gilbert Arenas, who has been given a sizable contract proposal by his old team, the Washington Wizards. An NBA source said that, should both players spurn Golden State, the Warriors would go after who they feel are the best restricted free agents on the market: Smith and Iguodala." ----------------------------------------------------------- Josh Smith and Iggy are definitely nice players and I'd love to get either, but let's be honest- do you really think they're going to come to this loser franchise when their respective teams can offer them better deals? (please correct me if I'm wrong on the cap figures) If they do it will because the Warriors front office gets hoodwinked and offers some ridiculous Rashard Lewis type deal that even their own team won't match. I'll also reference what my man Modi posted in The Salary Cap Myth. Cap space is wildly overrated my friends. Chances are the Warriors aren't going to get a single major impact free agent. For the most part you win in this league with stellar drafting and amazing trades. Two things the Warriors historically have been absolutely horrendous at. Good times in Dubs land!

Rumor: Warriors after Corey Maggette

SFGATE: "Golden State has reached out to forward Corey Maggette, another Clippers free agent, according to two league sources. The Warriors are one of the few teams who can offer Maggette more than the mid-level exception, which is expected to be around $5.6 million when the new cap figures are released. The rest of the NBA's free agent crop is headlined by 76ers forward Andre Iguodala and Hawks forward Josh Smith, though the Warriors are not believed to be courting either restricted free agent at the moment." Mercury: "Whether or not the Warriors can pry Elton Brand away from the Los Angeles Clippers, they might not be done attempting to extract talent from Hollywood's second team. A source close to free-agent small forward Corey Maggette said Thursday that the Warriors have expressed interest in Maggette and are looking to start negotiations. The Warriors don't publicly comment on negotiations. Like Brand, Maggette exercised the early termination option on his contract before the June 30 deadline, forgoing the $7 million he was due. The buzz among NBA insiders is that Brand - by all accounts a class act - will honor his word and remain with the Clippers." -------------------------------------- What can I say? I love the idea of going after Corey Maggette... back in 2004- early 2008. I can't say I see the point of adding and most likely overpaying for Maggette on the free agent market when this team doesn't have Baron Davis or even Jason Richardson for that matter. This team needs passers and top tier scoring options right now, not 2nd or 3rd option scorers.

Warriors after Elton Brand [True Hoop]


"The most interesting thing about this whole deal is that Stein and others have quoted Baron Davis's agent saying that when they decided to opt out, they did so expecting that would be a way to get a better offer from the Warriors. Yet they have heard nothing at all." -- Henry Abbott ------------------------------------------- Call it the obligatory PR move that everyone knows is going nowhere. Elton Brand ain't coming to this incompetent franchise.

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