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Life IWithout Maggette = WONDERFUL


I tuned in midway through the 1st quarter last night because as the season is going along i keep forgetting more and more about te warriors and do not even look up there schedules anymore. I remember in the We Believe Era and the years after that when the Warriors were decent/good....I had the schedule memorized top to bottom. Now I am just in the Wall sweepstakes just like everyone one else. Anyways, I noticed that the warriors were up 24-14 and I was like oh its just the 1st quarter, Dirks going to light it up in a second. As the game went on the Warriors were getting better and better and I was like whats going on??? Then I noticed something I shoulda noticed looong time ago....MAGGETTE WAS OUT...How can I not see this, How have I sat here for almost 2 quarters and not noticed Maggette's absense?? How can I not notice te shiny bald headed dude driving in like Frank Gore and chuking up 15 shots in a row??? This year I really was liking Maggette, he was putting up some good numbers night in and night out so I was like why should we trade him? After last night I fiugured out why: Curry: 9-20FG, 25pts, 9ast Ellis: 27pts, 5ast, 5reb Morrow: 12-20, 11reb, 4ast Tolliver 14pts, 11reb Those are some solid numbers for a team who has no motivation, no good coaching, and nothing to play for. We almost beat the mavs who are legit contenders and we could of beat them if jason terry didnt go back to his atlanta days. We dont need maggette, even though he puts up some huge numbers here and there, his play slows us down, doesnt get our young guys going. When maggette starts playing, he tries to score 20plus points every night and doesnt get anyone else involved and other players dont get a rythym going. Thats why last year Crawford didnt put up numbers like he does with the Hawks this year. Maggette slows down the whole game and lets the other team rest while he takes his 18,000 freethrows every game. We cannot play small ball and run and gun offense when we give the other team so many breaks while maggette keeps going to the line. So maggette, if you are reading this, demand a trade, we dont want you. You are a great player but you would be a great fit for a team like san antonio or houston. Like I told all my ex-gf's "Its not you, its me" ..."we need to see other people"

Again Nuggets Warriors-Game Marred by Incompetent NBA Referees


The two examples of tonight's game that leaves you wondering how these refs tonight have jobs. Also, added was the foul on Maggette on Nene where Maggette got out of the way and didn't make any contact with him.

5 Good Things to Take Away From the Warriors Season


Tough year right? But we're Warriors fans, we always see the possitive side of things. Here are five reasons to keep ur head up!!

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