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Ranking All 30 NBA GMs, Where Kahn's Incompetence Is Surpassed [SBNation.com]


Larry Riley has overall done a pretty solid job this offseason. I'll take his 1 year run over a lot of the guys ahead of him on this list. A few very debatable points in this summary as well, particularly this one: "Anyway, it's pretty clear that, while Riley wasn't the head GM, he exerted more influence than Mullin during Mullin's final days in office. We can therefore pin a lot of Mullin's later mistakes on Riley too." Kosta Perovic for the most lucrative and dumbest 2nd round contract in NBA history? Marcus Williams for a future 1st rounder? Sorry that's all Mullin. Aside from trying to concoct a PR stunt of the Chris Cohan/ Robert Rowell variety, there's absolutely no reason why any team with a clue should hire Mullin into their front office.

Larry Ellison Rumored To Be New Golden State Warriors Owner


This SB Nation Bay Area sports stream is a great way to track the pending sale.

Source: Wall Street financier David Bonderman heads group bidding to buy the Golden State Warriors [Oakland Tribune]


The Golden State Warriors version of the Final Four: * Oracle CEO Larry Ellison * 24-Hour Fitness founder Mark Mastrov * Mandalay Entertainment chair Peter Guber * Wall Street financier David Bonderman Who will win?

Don Nelson, By the Numbers [Fast Break]


If Nellie didn't have to work within the Chris Cohan, Robert Rowell, and Chris Mullin failures, I'm sure his numbers would be a lot better.

Waiting for Warriors’ 1st bids, all eyes on the 20% minority owners [Talking Points]


If we all pooled our stashes of cash together could we maybe buy 1% of the Warriors? Sorry, just wondering out loud. Also see: Warriors have attracted 13 bidders [NYDailyNews]

Why I’m Not Renewing


My esteemed colleague Adam drops science: "Why should I spend money on this team when Chris Cohan won’t?" Let me go one step further- Cohan is the worst owner in all of sports. How can an owner of a basketball team in a big market hoops mecca possibly churn out such a horrible product for the vast majority of a decade and a half? It takes "talent" to be that incompetent. If only David Stern didn't obsess over fashion issues and focused his efforts on not letting a wonderful hoops market go to waste.

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