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2007 Playoffs Quarterfinal Game 4


For those who cant wait for this season or somehow became fans without watching the team that season. Box Score. Baron and Air France had huge games, click the play by play tab if you want to somewhat not spoil the game or want a refresher on how the game went.

Extension in the Works for Andris Biedrins? (10/3/07)


It's always fun to look back. Biedrins didn't get his extension until a full summer later when he was a restricted free agent (with no serious offers from any other team in the NBA), but there was a pretty interesting discussion here soon after WE BELIEVE. Was Andris Biedrins another Chris Mullin/ Robert Rowell contract failure? Or was he just another player who peaked under Don Nelson?

Keep Don Nelson? New Golden State Warriors co-owner Joe Lacob's options may be limited [Oakland Tribune]


Stick with Nellie for the season and the Dubs have a reasonably good shot at the 2011 NBA Playoffs. Dump Nellie and well, you know what happened last time: The Dirty Dozen- Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Wages of Wins: The Wheel of Fortune Turns on Don Nelson


Also, don't forget to take a look at the WP table for this season "Nelson is one of the few coaches we investigated who had a statistically significant impact on player performance. So Nelson may not be the greatest coach ever (or he may be), but it certainly appears that he has made a difference. And with a bit of good fortune this year, this particular difference-maker might become the winningest coach in NBA history."

Again Nuggets Warriors-Game Marred by Incompetent NBA Referees


The two examples of tonight's game that leaves you wondering how these refs tonight have jobs. Also, added was the foul on Maggette on Nene where Maggette got out of the way and didn't make any contact with him.

The Don Nelson Show 11/19


Best quote... "Just because people say $%@# doesn't make it true." - Nellie

Ken Berger says Don Nelson's time may be limited *VIDEO


In a report by CBSSports.com senior writer Ken Berger, he claims that a Warriors source has infomed him that Don Nelson's job as Warriors' Head Coach is in jeopardy.

[TNLP] 2009-10 Golden State Warriors Season Preview


Holland and Ross shares their own outlook on the upcoming Warriors season.

Stephen Curry earns job as starting point guard- VIDEO


Don Nelson spoke with the media today, October 24th, and announced that Stephen Curry has earned the job as the Warriors starting PG for opening night.

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