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Trying to clear up some Monta Ellis/Warriors fuzziness [Talking Points]


Clearly this situation is still unclear. Update (7:42pm): Here's some relevant interviews from yesterday and today's The Razor and Mr. T show on KNBR 680. * Tim Kawakami: Part 1 | Part 2 * Marcus Thompson

Monta Ellis out 1-2 Weeks


Great. Yet another injury to our already fragile roster. What do you think about bringing him back in January now? Do you think we should have traded him? Do you think we should void his contract? Do you think we can still make the playoffs? Do you STILL BELIEVE? Do you think they should cut him off the roster and pick me up so I can play with my hero Rob Kurz? Definitely YES to the last one. Also peep Geoff Lepper's Fanshot.

The Monta Saga [Inside the Warriors]


MT timelines Moped Gate. Robert Rowell fan I am not, but I have to side with Rowell over Chris Mullin on this situation even though he and the Warriors acted way too slowly on this matter publicly: "Chris Mullin made it perfectly clear to both Mr. Cohan and myself that he didn’t think this was a big deal at the beginning, and we happen to think it’s a very big deal. We happen to think that it’s a big deal for our fans, it’s a big deal for our season ticket-holders, it’s a big deal for our business partners, it’s a big deal for the Warriors organization." If Rowell's claims about Mullin not taking this seriously are true, then Mullin just isn't cut out to be an executive in this league or any professional organization- not that Rowell is a qualified president or Chris Cohan is a competent owner. Now let's hope Rowell isn't just all talk and makes it up to Warriors fans/ season ticket holders this year. (Cohan + Rowell- I know you're reading this. Come classy for a change.)

Ellis, Randolph and the further, future discontent of the Warriors [Talking Points]


My take: Moped Ellis showed his appreciation to the Warriors' organization and loyal fanbase by violating his contract this past offseason, lying about it, trying to fight a very justifiable 30 suspension, issuing a weak ghost-written "apology", costing this team double digit wins this season, not helping his 6th men paid like stars and NBDL teammates while they're trying their best every night, and is a big reason the 2008-2009 Golden State Warriors are "Unwatchable baby!" Who cares if he's "not pleased" right now? Hopefully he has a successful recovery, but he had it all coming. BUT even though as a fan I'd like the Warriors to have the option of tearing up his contract so it doesn't cripple the team's cap if he comes back and isn't worth that huge extension he was gifted, he and his agent have a very valid point. The Warriors shouldn't have the option to suspend him and then decide whether to terminate his contract if he doesn't perform. Pick one, but not both. (Legal experts in the GSoM community please drop your insights in the comments.) At this point given Anthony Randolph's heavily mistake-laden rookie season thus far, reported sour attitude unwelcome by his teammates and coaches, high school/ college winning percentage, and draft slot, the media-hyped Nellie vs Randolph and Nellie vs Chris Webber parallel is a stretch at best. CWebb was a once in a lifetime talent. Randolph not so much. CWebb over Nellie in '94, but Nellie over Randolph in '09.

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