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Save the Warriors


It's time to bring in Avery Johnson! Get rid of Nellie!

Jackson situation isn't one, say Warriors [SFGate]


More nothing-ness as the offseason meaningless-ness continues for the Golden State Warriors aka The Suck-ness. I will say though that it's getting incredibly annoying seeing all these local writers incessantly dismiss Larry Riley as Nellie's puppet. I don't recall the local media going on and on ad nauseam how Chris Mullin's management hire was a publicity stunt by Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell or how absolutely clueless Mullin and Rod Higgins were in the Warriors front office pre-Nellie (and even post-Nellie). Give me the guy who is Nellie's buddy and worked a long road as an assistant coach, scout, and front office exec in this league over a guy "groomed" by Gary St. Jean any day.

Warriors’ Nelson says he will retire in 2011 [InDenver Times]


Good luck to Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell in finding a head coach with half of Nellie's hoops acumen that's willing to come to their sorry operation in 2011. We know what happened the last time they tried to replace Nellie- The Dirty Dozen: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Non-shock Warriors update: Mullin’s fate is sealed, Cohan isn’t selling, Ellis is under the microscope [Talking Points]


Lumping Robert Rowell (a man with ZERO hoops IQ and poor customer relations skills) and Don Nelson (a brilliant, but very eccentric basketball mind) together is incredibly faulty. Totally glossing over Chris Mullin's numerous horrendous mistakes (plus the spotty draft record) during his front office tenure with the Warriors and absolving him of any blame for the state of this poor roster, while implying that only "Rowell and Nelson have tied up the team with those ungainly long contracts" (Nelson isn't the one who signed Monta, Jack, Maggette, or Biedrins) is also very curious.

Monta Ellis Says Stiffness In His Left Ankle Was Never An Issue [Comcast SportsNet]


Talk about drama. Contradicting both the team's medical staff and Coach Don Nelson: Monta claims 1) there was nothing wrong with his ankle and 2) he's been playing point guard all season. I'm not sure why he would even want to claim #2 given his 2.8 assists : 2.5 turnover ratio this season, but we'll let that one slide. As Biggie would say... Mo Moped Mo Problems.

The Don Nelson Show (3/5/09) [KNBR 680]


Click and listen. You will be entertained. GSoMer IQofaWarrior and I guarantee it.

The real hero to fantasy owners? Don Nelson [ESPN]


This is seriously some GSoM golden age "Unstoppable Baby!" material right here. As I broke it down for Jeff Van Gundy about a month ago- it ain't just Nellie. This roster is filled with terrible defenders.

Fixing the Golden State Knicks: Atma Brother #1 [Sports on My Mind]


My man Modi mic'ed me up to talk shop about the Dubs over at Sports on My Mind. Check it out! Don't miss: * Q&A: Modi from Sports On My Mind * Q&A: Modi from Cosellout (1/26/08)

Nellie will start making his case directly to fans ... on Warriors Radio Roundtable [Examiner]


Whether you're a Nellie fan or a Nellie hater, you have to appreciate it when the head coach of your favorite team does something like this. If one of you manages to get on the show, make sure to ask Nellie: 1) when he's coming on the GSoM show and 2) did he dig the GSoM Night 5 tees. If you've never listened to The Don Nelson Show on KNBR with the Razor and Mr. T you're missing out!

Thompson Replaces Moore in Starting Lineup [Sactown Royalty]


It will be interesting to see Jason Thompson (who Nellie supposedly wanted in this past draft) vs. Anthony Randolph (if he even plays) tonight in Oakland. Nearly half way through their first seasons, who has had the better rookie season? Jason Thompson Game Log | Anthony Randolph Game Log Going by the numbers it looks like JT's the king right now.

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