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Extension in the Works for Andris Biedrins? (10/3/07)


It's always fun to look back. Biedrins didn't get his extension until a full summer later when he was a restricted free agent (with no serious offers from any other team in the NBA), but there was a pretty interesting discussion here soon after WE BELIEVE. Was Andris Biedrins another Chris Mullin/ Robert Rowell contract failure? Or was he just another player who peaked under Don Nelson?

Eric Musselman To Be Named Reno Bighorns Head Coach [Ridiculous Upside]


Good for Muss. I thought he had a pretty solid 2 year stint with the Warriors. It was just silly when Chris Mullin and Robert Rowell dumped him to bring in Mike Montgomery. Guess Mullie didn't like it when Musselman kicked him out of practice during the Gary St. Jean era too much. Also does this mean the Warriors are going to eventually be the first team to call-up a coach from the D-League?

Ranking All 30 NBA GMs, Where Kahn's Incompetence Is Surpassed [SBNation.com]


Larry Riley has overall done a pretty solid job this offseason. I'll take his 1 year run over a lot of the guys ahead of him on this list. A few very debatable points in this summary as well, particularly this one: "Anyway, it's pretty clear that, while Riley wasn't the head GM, he exerted more influence than Mullin during Mullin's final days in office. We can therefore pin a lot of Mullin's later mistakes on Riley too." Kosta Perovic for the most lucrative and dumbest 2nd round contract in NBA history? Marcus Williams for a future 1st rounder? Sorry that's all Mullin. Aside from trying to concoct a PR stunt of the Chris Cohan/ Robert Rowell variety, there's absolutely no reason why any team with a clue should hire Mullin into their front office.

Don Nelson, By the Numbers [Fast Break]


If Nellie didn't have to work within the Chris Cohan, Robert Rowell, and Chris Mullin failures, I'm sure his numbers would be a lot better.

The Warriors’ Law of Inefficiency: They’re better when their top-paid players are out [Talking Points]


Great move Chris Mullin and Robert Rowell deciding to build around Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, and Corey Maggette! (not) Here's hoping Larry Riley and Don Nelson can clean up this mess this summer.

Jackson situation isn't one, say Warriors [SFGate]


More nothing-ness as the offseason meaningless-ness continues for the Golden State Warriors aka The Suck-ness. I will say though that it's getting incredibly annoying seeing all these local writers incessantly dismiss Larry Riley as Nellie's puppet. I don't recall the local media going on and on ad nauseam how Chris Mullin's management hire was a publicity stunt by Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell or how absolutely clueless Mullin and Rod Higgins were in the Warriors front office pre-Nellie (and even post-Nellie). Give me the guy who is Nellie's buddy and worked a long road as an assistant coach, scout, and front office exec in this league over a guy "groomed" by Gary St. Jean any day.

The Warriors’ party-line transcript: Riley, the Nellie issue and Rowell’s 10-year culpability [Talking Points]


I guarantee you this is more than worth the cost of a click. We should have video from the press conference via Warriors.com later tonight.

Meeting with Robert Rowell - 8th APR 2009 [GSoM FanPosts]


I give you... the most Popular FanPost of all time on GSoM by a WIDE margin. Nice work BritWarriorGSW for writing this up and everyone in the mighty GSoM community for making the discussion in the comments of this FanPost top notch.

Mullin, Rowell, Nelson and the origins of the Great Warriors Splintering [Talking Points]


More on Mullin vs. Rowell via Tim K. I don't know if I'd call anything about this "Great". Let's face it- neither of these guys are top execs in the NBA and this is quite frankly a loser organization owned by one of sport's most incompetent owners. Aside from the uber-loyal and passionate Dubs Nation, I don't think anyone really cares about all this Dubs drama.

Mullin shadow of his former self [Inside Bay Area]


Here's an excellent piece by GSoM friend Marcus Thompson with a multifaceted view of Chris Mullin's demise in the Warriors hierarchy. It's sad that it's come down to Chris Mullin vs. Robert Rowell and that's all people are going to remember and talk about. If it were up to me, I'd cut ties with both of these front office pretenders and let Don Nelson run the show. Sure he's a ridiculous drama queen and far from perfect, but unlike Mullin and Rowell, Nellie actually has legit hoops front office and coaching credentials and has a clue. Nellie's main problem is he has somehow cultivated a Barry Bonds-like relationship with the local and national media, which has led to some very curious accusations and treatment.

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