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Could Andris Biedrins Be The Next Rockets Center?


If Biedrins signals the end of Yao Ming in Houston then GM Daryl Morey isn't as sharp as I thought. Biedrins is the #1 reason the Golden State Warriors were so awful in 2010-2011.

Warriors delay sending first-rounder to Nets [Yahoo! Sports]


Not sure what to make of this quite yet, but interesting stuff. Hopefully there's a trade soon. This roster needs a shakeup. (I think that's the 1,041st time I've said that.)

The Great Mavs Debate: Warriors Trade? [Hoopsworld]


Two points caught my eye: * "This is not the first time he's [Stephen Jackson] asked for a trade, and the Warriors seem to be unwilling to entertain the idea, but if they wanted to trade him there are plenty of teams who would be interested. He'd be an excellent fit in Dallas, but the Mavs would almost certainly have to send Josh Howard to Oakland to make that work and it might be a lateral move." * "Sources close to the situation in Oakland told HOOPSWORLD recently that there's little chance the Warriors move Ellis, and even less of a chance that they work a deal with Dallas. That being said, they drafted a starting point guard and traded Jamal Crawford in a deal that brought back two reserves in Acie Law and Speedy Claxton. How long will Ellis actually be a Warrior? Odds are, not very long." If you can handle the Mav-ness check out Mavs Moneyball.

Anthony Randolph + Andris Biedrins for Chris Bosh Rejected [ESPN]

"Ric Bucher, ESPN The Magazine: Despite their losing record, the Warriors are convinced they are only one piece away from being America's most exciting underdog again, and they're apparently hoping to prove it before the Feb. 19 trade deadline. League sources say the Warriors offered rookie Anthony Randolph and veteran Andris Biedrins to the Toronto Raptors for Chris Bosh, and while the Raptors were not interested, other sources say the Warriors are also taking a run at the Phoenix Suns' Amare Stoudemire, presumably with a similar offer. All this was before Biedrins sprained his ankle Friday in Phoenix, so it's not clear what impact that might have on his immediate value. He is expected to be back playing before the trade deadline. If nothing else, the Warriors' willingness to move Randolph and Biedrins is more proof that the Warriors are ready to sacrifice long-term development for a team coach Don Nelson can win with now." Long-term Development = Long-term Suck There's a reason the Craptors rejected Randolph and Biedrins for Bosh- they're not fools. Well at least not that big of fools. Also see: ESPN Report: Randolph/Biedrins for Bosh Was On The Table! (gswfan4life)

Warriors Trying for Bosh, Too [Inside the Warriors]

"Obviously, nabbing Bosh would require the Warriors to move a big name — Biedrins or Ellis — and some young talent to help Toronto rebuild. So this just shows that they are willing. The fact that they are throwing their name in the hat for these big players, even if futile, is a change in pace. These two were untouchable. Now, the Warriors are willing to play all their cards, even though they haven’t seen everyone healthy for a significant length of time yet." - MT It's good to see that in contrast with many Warriors bandwagoners and homers, the Warriors front office seems to (finally) believe that Andris Biedrins and Monta Ellis are not untouchable. Unless he makes some serious strides in his defense (which seems unlikely), given his lack of basketball fundamentals or drive to even add a simple jumpshot to his game after 4 years in the league, Biedrins has probably leveled off as a nice, solid player, but nothing close to spectacular. Let's ignore Monta's absolutely dismal 2008-2009 outing for second. Even if he returned to being the high scoring and efficient player he showcased last season, his atrocious D, sloppy handles, and poor court vision might be too much for him to overcome to take that next step to All-Star guard in the loaded West. On a 17-35 team no one is untouchable. I'm not really sure that either player is that big of a name outside of the Bay Area right now. I'd be surprised if any team was as high on either player as the We Suck fandom and front office, but let's hope they are. This team and its longtime fanbase desperately needs All-Star level players, not guys with "ridiculous upside" to borrow a phrase from our friends.

Stoudemire, Bosh, Baron: The Active Warriors’ trade market, as it now stands [Talking Points]

"I think first and foremost the Suns want salary-cap relief and the Warriors do not have any to provide." Aren't you glad the Warriors foolishly bought out Adonal Foyle's contract 2 summers ago instead of just waiting out their mistake and turning it into a valuable bargaining chip? That $9 million expiring contract would be pretty handy right now. Instead the Warriors foolishly burned whatever money they "saved" from that silly buy-out on assembling this horrific roster. Chris Cohan + Robert Rowell + Chris Mullin- this is getting old fellas. You keep making the same silly mistakes. Expiring contracts are valued in this league, especially during the trading deadline (see Brown, Kwame > Pau Gasol > 2008 Western Conference Champion LA Lakers) and the offseason (see Ratliff, Theo > Kevin Garnett > 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics). Get a clue and some semblance of a basic understanding how the current NBA works.

NBA chatter: Warriors are "very active" in pursuit of Stoudemire [Talking Points]


YES! This is even more exciting than the Warriors beat-down of the hated Utah Jazz tonight at the Roaracle. Amare to the Bay! And for the record I'd give up BOTH Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins to get it done. Hey if the Suns want cap space, maybe they can trade for Monta and then void his deal citing Moped Gate- I kid. Also check out what MT's got: Warriors Want Amare [Inside the Warriors] Amare Trade Rumor Open Thread [Bright Side of the Sun]

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