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2014 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Challenge


Win and you have bragging rights for the whole year!

Sac/KJ, via a private vetting must convince 8 owners to vote no.


Sac Bee says they have a source with inside knowledge of the the NBA's thinking. "A source with inside knowledge of the NBA, who declined to speak for attribution because the NBA has called for a...

Durant a Big Fan of Nets' Big Man


The Nets have put together video clips from NBA stars praising Brook Lopez. No one's more enthusiastic than Kevin Durant: "If not the best center in the East, then the second...

Nets Fall Apart in Second Half


The Nets were done in by one of their cold spells Monday night at the Izod Center, falling to the Thunder 105-89. It was a high-scoring affair most of the way and the Nets took...

Game 31 - Thunder @ Nets - Monday, December 28, 7:30


The young and the restless arrive in East Rutherford Monday. The Thunder, who everyone expected to get better, is doing it faster than anyone anticipated. With a record of...

Lopez Admits Defense is a Priority...and a Challenge


In a short interview with The Oklahoman, previewing the Nets' game with the Thunder Monday, Brook Lopez admits defense is something he needs to work on, particularly help-side. ...

Rev Up the Moving Vans...but Not for the Nets


Things may be unsettled for the Nets...with lawsuits, losses as high as $30 million and an owner looking to sell all or part of the team. But Alex Raskin writes in HoopsWorld...

Nets-Sixers Drop Another One in Orlando


The Nets have now lost their last seven summer league games after the Turnpikers fell to the Thunder, 83-62, in Orlando Thursday afternoon. OKC shot 60 percent from the field,...

Orlando Pro Summer League - Game #4 - Sixer-Nets vs. Thunder, 3 p.m.


Russell Westbrook, the best player in this year's Orlando Summer League, will provide Terrence Williams and the Sixer-Nets with their biggest challenge thus far...on both ends of...

Nets Stay at #11 but Thorn Confident Nets Will Get a "Good Player"


The Nets didn't move up in the lottery and will pick at #11 in the Draft. Winning the lottery--and the right to pick Blake Griffin of Oklahoma--was the Clippers. The Grizzlies will pick second and...

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