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Jackson situation isn't one, say Warriors [SFGate]


More nothing-ness as the offseason meaningless-ness continues for the Golden State Warriors aka The Suck-ness. I will say though that it's getting incredibly annoying seeing all these local writers incessantly dismiss Larry Riley as Nellie's puppet. I don't recall the local media going on and on ad nauseam how Chris Mullin's management hire was a publicity stunt by Chris Cohan and Robert Rowell or how absolutely clueless Mullin and Rod Higgins were in the Warriors front office pre-Nellie (and even post-Nellie). Give me the guy who is Nellie's buddy and worked a long road as an assistant coach, scout, and front office exec in this league over a guy "groomed" by Gary St. Jean any day.

The Warriors’ party-line transcript: Riley, the Nellie issue and Rowell’s 10-year culpability [Talking Points]


I guarantee you this is more than worth the cost of a click. We should have video from the press conference via Warriors.com later tonight.

Mullin, Rowell, Nelson and the origins of the Great Warriors Splintering [Talking Points]


More on Mullin vs. Rowell via Tim K. I don't know if I'd call anything about this "Great". Let's face it- neither of these guys are top execs in the NBA and this is quite frankly a loser organization owned by one of sport's most incompetent owners. Aside from the uber-loyal and passionate Dubs Nation, I don't think anyone really cares about all this Dubs drama.

Mullin shadow of his former self [Inside Bay Area]


Here's an excellent piece by GSoM friend Marcus Thompson with a multifaceted view of Chris Mullin's demise in the Warriors hierarchy. It's sad that it's come down to Chris Mullin vs. Robert Rowell and that's all people are going to remember and talk about. If it were up to me, I'd cut ties with both of these front office pretenders and let Don Nelson run the show. Sure he's a ridiculous drama queen and far from perfect, but unlike Mullin and Rowell, Nellie actually has legit hoops front office and coaching credentials and has a clue. Nellie's main problem is he has somehow cultivated a Barry Bonds-like relationship with the local and national media, which has led to some very curious accusations and treatment.

Stoudemire, Bosh, Baron: The Active Warriors’ trade market, as it now stands [Talking Points]

"I think first and foremost the Suns want salary-cap relief and the Warriors do not have any to provide." Aren't you glad the Warriors foolishly bought out Adonal Foyle's contract 2 summers ago instead of just waiting out their mistake and turning it into a valuable bargaining chip? That $9 million expiring contract would be pretty handy right now. Instead the Warriors foolishly burned whatever money they "saved" from that silly buy-out on assembling this horrific roster. Chris Cohan + Robert Rowell + Chris Mullin- this is getting old fellas. You keep making the same silly mistakes. Expiring contracts are valued in this league, especially during the trading deadline (see Brown, Kwame > Pau Gasol > 2008 Western Conference Champion LA Lakers) and the offseason (see Ratliff, Theo > Kevin Garnett > 2008 NBA Champion Boston Celtics). Get a clue and some semblance of a basic understanding how the current NBA works.

Bad news for the jilted among the Oracle Arena faithful… [48Minutes.net]


Looks like not only is Boom Dizzle out for Sunday, but he won't be making the trip up to the Yay Area. I'm not really sure why Geoff Lepper thinks Warriors fans want "to boo him mercilessly for jumping ship in June" when Baron was ultimately forced out because Warriors President Robert Rowell didn't want to pay him and thought it wasn't prudent to bring back Baron after driving up season ticket sales with all the BD ads. But hey- I'm sure there will be plenty of boos. (We'll do a Polling GSoM when he does come back.) I know I'll be rooting for BD to drop 40 points and posterize this sorry, mismanaged, and incompetent organization every time he's up here while sporting my #5 throwback Warriors jersey. Fear the Beard Rowell and the rest of the BD haters. Like my main man DT over at FTB eloquently stated- I cheer for people, not laundry. We Believe was Baron, J-Rich, Barnes, MP2, Foyle, Jack, Al, Andris, Monta, Sarunas (the cheering), Nellie, and Mullin plus the golden fans.

The Monta Saga [Inside the Warriors]


MT timelines Moped Gate. Robert Rowell fan I am not, but I have to side with Rowell over Chris Mullin on this situation even though he and the Warriors acted way too slowly on this matter publicly: "Chris Mullin made it perfectly clear to both Mr. Cohan and myself that he didn’t think this was a big deal at the beginning, and we happen to think it’s a very big deal. We happen to think that it’s a big deal for our fans, it’s a big deal for our season ticket-holders, it’s a big deal for our business partners, it’s a big deal for the Warriors organization." If Rowell's claims about Mullin not taking this seriously are true, then Mullin just isn't cut out to be an executive in this league or any professional organization- not that Rowell is a qualified president or Chris Cohan is a competent owner. Now let's hope Rowell isn't just all talk and makes it up to Warriors fans/ season ticket holders this year. (Cohan + Rowell- I know you're reading this. Come classy for a change.)

Stephen Jackson: Captain For Life [48minutes.net]


Geoff Lepper breaks down the cap ramifications. Love Jack and I'm happy he's getting paid, but what an odd signing. Further proof that the Warriors mismanagement has some of the worst contract negotiation skills in the business. They have this bizarre habit of outbidding themselves. The Fisher/ Foyle free agent signings were just awful moves. J-Rich, T-Murph, and Dunleavy were all extended BEFORE they were even restricted free agents. Why does history keep repeating itself?

I Hate to Lose [The Mark Cuban Weblog]


Say what you want about Mark Cuban, the choke-job 2k6 Mavericks, or those soft Dallas fans, but at least this guy passionately cares about the team he owns. GSW faithful would only be so lucky to have an owner like that running the ship. Cuban has pride in the product he puts out there and tries to genuinely reach out to his team's fans with integrity. The Golden State Warriors owner Chris Cohan and President Robert Rowell could learn a lot from Cuban.

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