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Kuzmic to the Warriors


( sorry but it's in spanish ) According to spanish sources Kuzmic is comming ( in exchange of 800.000 € )

Bay Area Rapper Lil B (The Based God) Will Try Out For The Warriors!


This is a very rare announcement. Big news for the Warriors. Will probably turn the franchise around.

Remmember this rondo for curry


Warriors Y u no trade Steph for Rondo?

Value Picks in the 2012 NBA Draft


The article brings up NFL and MLB 'value picks' citing a few different examples worth looking into as far as trading down. Most notably Harrison Barnes (most mock drafts have him around our 1st round pick) - Jeffrey Taylor (around the 20th, which would be the Nugget's first rounder) or Kris Joseph (likely our first of our two second round picks) Would you trade away our number one pick and settle for one of these other guys with less upside? I like Thomas Robinson's "value pick" in Andrew Nicholson, which would be available with our late first rounder.

Charity Games will never be the same...


Here's a cool take on the charity game in San Jose w/ the '07 squad.....it's fresh.

Flirting with Steph Curry


"Understanding how to effectively navigate ball screen action is one of the most critical functions for a lead guard in the NBA. In just his second year in the league, Golden State's Stephen Curry has demonstrated he grasps both the fundamental keys of ball screen play, and he has also shown a comprehension of advanced concepts that will give him an advantage as he continues to mature and develop." "Curry has always used a great change of pace to throw off defenders. Even as a player at Davidson, Curry was masterful at using screens and exploding off of them, dropping his hips to gain leverage, and propel toward a goal. He understands when to slow, and when to go – and it is no more apparent than when he is utilizing a screen. Rarely does he loaf off of screens, instead using them as a chance to penetrate the defense and force it to account for him. This gives him more scoring opportunities and it open ups chances for his teammates to get involved. This is a fundamental skill of ball screen play that some pros never quite seem to understand."

Warriors one of three voicing interest in Telfair


Thoughts? I have my opinion, but I'd like to see what the community has to say!

Larry Brown as our head coach?


This is GSW chance to get a coach that really gets defense to turn things around here.

SI Article describing how Blazers bad injury luck could let a sleeper into the West playoffs


Thought this paragraph was especially interesting : That of course leaves an opening for someone else. John Hollinger’s playoff odds at ESPN.com project a team could snag the West’s final playoff spot with a losing record. Phoenix, despite all its obvious flaws, is still a pain to play in February and could easily break .500. The Grizzlies, as Hollinger points out Wednesday, have jumped to 8-10 and have the talent of a .500-plus team.

The City: A Warriors-Centric NBA Blog


I have a terrible habit of starting up blogs, and neglecting them, but I'm going to try to be more diligent this time. So, the main objective of this new blog of mine is to record what I call the "real box score" after every Warriors game. I'm going to do my best to enter a new post the day after each Warriors game this season. I don't know of another website that does quite the same thing, so I think it could be useful for you guys. Obviously, I would appreciate any feedback!

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