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16 things I learned about the Warriors [Examiner.com]


I learned one key thing. We're back to suck and it's going to stay that way for awhile. 12 years possibly. Playoffs in 2k19!

For the Warriors, It Was a Fitting Farewell to a Season Worth Forgetting [FanHouse]

Stephen Jackson, Monta Ellis, and Corey Maggette should get no love for this. Very unprofessional indeed. Nellie showed up (contradicting the predictions of many of his haters) and the fans showed up, watched on TV, and brought the usual hype online to GSoM. In the name of Mookie Blaylock, "Where the hell were those guys?"

Suns feast on Warriors: 154 - 130 [Bright Side of the Sun]


The Warriors were absolutely embarrassed on national TV on Sunday night. Embarrassed. Aren't you glad the Warriors shipped out J-Rich for pennies on the dollar, let his Boomness go to save some dough, and broke up We Believe for this embarrassment? Chris Cohan, Robert Rowell, Chris Mullin, bandwagon Warriors fans, delusional Warriors fans- you're kidding yourselves if you believe this roster and the direction of this franchise is nothing short of an embarrassment. Nice to see our friends in Phoenix enjoyed the embarrassment though!

Non-shock Warriors update: Mullin’s fate is sealed, Cohan isn’t selling, Ellis is under the microscope [Talking Points]


Lumping Robert Rowell (a man with ZERO hoops IQ and poor customer relations skills) and Don Nelson (a brilliant, but very eccentric basketball mind) together is incredibly faulty. Totally glossing over Chris Mullin's numerous horrendous mistakes (plus the spotty draft record) during his front office tenure with the Warriors and absolving him of any blame for the state of this poor roster, while implying that only "Rowell and Nelson have tied up the team with those ungainly long contracts" (Nelson isn't the one who signed Monta, Jack, Maggette, or Biedrins) is also very curious.

The real hero to fantasy owners? Don Nelson [ESPN]


This is seriously some GSoM golden age "Unstoppable Baby!" material right here. As I broke it down for Jeff Van Gundy about a month ago- it ain't just Nellie. This roster is filled with terrible defenders.

Warriors’ finish-line view: The 30-win mark and other semi-realistic benchmarks [Talking Points]


It's pretty unbelievable how far we've fallen from We Believe to the "realistic benchmarks" Tim laid out in this piece. Only a true genius could've seen this all coming and predicted 30 wins at the beginning of this season- just kidding. Thank you Chris "Clueless" Cohan, Robert "BUY TICKETS!!" Rowell, Chris Mullin (keeping Foyle still on the books, blowing draft picks, assembling the NBDL Warriors), and the injury bug. What a mess.

Warriors management doesn't deserve these fans [Mercury]


I've been saying this for years: "The Warriors of Rowell, Cohan [and Nelson] simply do not deserve this kind of passion. They haven't earned your entertainment dollar." I'm not sure why Nellie's lumped in with Rowell and Cohan or why Mullin's gets complete pass here, but Rowell and Cohan do not deserve this fanbase.

Ellis, Randolph and the further, future discontent of the Warriors [Talking Points]


My take: Moped Ellis showed his appreciation to the Warriors' organization and loyal fanbase by violating his contract this past offseason, lying about it, trying to fight a very justifiable 30 suspension, issuing a weak ghost-written "apology", costing this team double digit wins this season, not helping his 6th men paid like stars and NBDL teammates while they're trying their best every night, and is a big reason the 2008-2009 Golden State Warriors are "Unwatchable baby!" Who cares if he's "not pleased" right now? Hopefully he has a successful recovery, but he had it all coming. BUT even though as a fan I'd like the Warriors to have the option of tearing up his contract so it doesn't cripple the team's cap if he comes back and isn't worth that huge extension he was gifted, he and his agent have a very valid point. The Warriors shouldn't have the option to suspend him and then decide whether to terminate his contract if he doesn't perform. Pick one, but not both. (Legal experts in the GSoM community please drop your insights in the comments.) At this point given Anthony Randolph's heavily mistake-laden rookie season thus far, reported sour attitude unwelcome by his teammates and coaches, high school/ college winning percentage, and draft slot, the media-hyped Nellie vs Randolph and Nellie vs Chris Webber parallel is a stretch at best. CWebb was a once in a lifetime talent. Randolph not so much. CWebb over Nellie in '94, but Nellie over Randolph in '09.

Dwayne Casey's Revenge [Canis Hoopus]


The bottom of the Wild Wild West is rock-bottom with such suck as the Memphis Teddy Bears, Golden State Worriers, LA Clipped, Sacrapmento Kings (although it's not because of front office and ownership ineptitude, they'll rebound), Minnesota Timberwolves, and Oklahoma City Thieves. But since it's Dubs vs T-Wolves tonight, let's focus on the near futures of these two squads. Which franchise will have a better 2009-2010 season and why?

Six NBA teams find themselves in bad standing [USA Today]

"This season's NBA is a tale of the haves and have-nots. Four teams are winning at least 75% of their games; six are below 30%." Guess who's part of the sucky six?
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