YouTube Tuesday

YouTubeTuesday: The College Baron


I was surfing around YouTube last night I thought I'd post a couple highlights I found from Baron's college years. Just for fun.The first is one a dribble fake that I'm sure all Warrior fans are...

YouTube Tuesday - Express Yourself


Ugh.While you wait for the traditional dope Atma recap on a not-so-dope-game, let's hop into the wayback machine and go to a time when things were better in Warriorland.See, now that C-Webb has...

YouTube Tuesday II: Focus Your All-Star Votes Here!


I saw this tonight on tv and even though it's not Warriors related, it's hilarious. I had to put this up here to accompany Hash's Melo video. With all the diaries about All-Star voting, I just want...

YouTube Tuesday: I Knew I Liked That Guy!!!


Hey c'mon now... I know it's easy to hate a guy like `Melo. He's rich. He's young. He rips our defense apart every time we play the Nuggets. He gets to play with A.I.But seriously man... why all...

YouTube Tuesday: Loud and Proud


Why the Miami game?Because it was just that good of a show. The comeback, the passion, and the crowd (wow!).Our recent game against Miami is just one of many examples that we are a part of a new...

YouTube Tuesday: A Diamond Still Rough


MIP to MVP?Nope! Not quite yet. Despite a great overall performance, it's clear that Monta still has a little bit of growing to do. Out overtime last night was most revealing in that without Baron,...

YouTube Tuesday: Never Lose the Pain


One of the most beautiful things about a true Warriors fan is how deeply rooted in modesty they are. Granted, it's not really a choice; 12 years of subpar basketball has left us cynical even in...

YouTube Tuesday: Enter the DJ


So we bid a fond farewell to Lasme, and we say multilingual hello to DJ Mbenga. (Evidently he speaks French and Portuguese.)While it can be argued that it's never a bad thing to add a...

YouTube Tuesday: Right Before Our Eyes


How many times in your history of being of a Warriors fan have you seen some mediocre player from the opposing team come out and have a career night against our beloved Dubs?It's actually happened...

YouTube Tuesday: Yoga Dunk!


Remember back in the day when you were playing Street Fighter II at your local Arcade/7-11/Donut Shop? Some random kid would approach the machine and do one of two things.1) Ask if it was okay to...


YouTube Tuesday: Meaningful Meaninglessness


Okay okay okay. It’s all meaningless.But the fact of the matter is it’s all that we have until sweet, delicious GSoM Night (shameless plug) lands. And while the preseason is meaningless in terms of...

YouTube Tuesday: The French Air Jordan Returns


Your boy Hash is still hard at work, so tonight I'm subbing in for the good man for this edition of GSoM YouTube Tuesday. I thought I'd use my substitute teacher role for this night class to...

YouTube Tuesday: My Rhymes Is Better. (And Haiku's don't rhyme!)


Here’s YouTube Tuesday. Entirely in Haiku. Work is slow today.Troy Hudson joins us. We’re in need of backup point. Could be what we need.Focused on B-Ball? I fear this is not the case. Alias:...

YouTube Tuesday: Return Of The Baron


The excitement is starting to set in. As September starts its downward slide, we are slowly but surely creeping up on the opening of the 2007/2008 season. Add in the fact that all of us will be...

GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Pay Him. Pay That Man His Money.


What does the 2007/2008 season hold in store for the Warriors? With some bold off-season moves, is it feasible to think that we are going to maintain our newly acquired contender status? Are we...

GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Looking to the Future


Perhaps today we should pay a little homage to what we hope is going to be a very bright future for the Warriors. I’m talking, of course, about Brandon Wright.The unfortunate thing about attaining...

GSoM YouTube, Tuesday: The short end of the stick speaks.


Once upon a time there was a trade between the Pacers and the Warriors. And all of the Bay Area rejoiced, for they saw that it was good! For gifted up us was Stephen Jackson, in all of his glory...

GSoM YouTube, um… Wednesday?: Our hearts will go on.


You will be missed, old friend.You will be missed. Sorry for the late upload of YouTube Tuesday! To make amends, I have also included a clip of my favorite poet.

GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Short. Sweet. Incredible.


Well, we’re running a little late today on YouTube Tuesday so I’ll make this short and sweet.I was thinking it would be nice to put up a little homage to Baron Davis, seeing as he will no doubt...

GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Dude. Put the book down.


Hey there. Listen, I need you to check something out for me. For the last time, please please please, put that Harry Potter book down.Yes. I know. You’ve explained the importance of the book to me...

GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Belinelli HYPE!!


Aaaaand we’re back! And by, "we", I mean GSoM's YouTube Tuesday. So sit back, pop some corn, and enjoy our featured YouTube clip of the week. Just remember, when popping corn, heat settings on...

GSoM YouTube Tuesday: Jessica Alba on BDSSP


Today is a quite the occasion here at GSoM. We're launching a new segment called YouTube Tuesday. Every Tuesday (or every Tuesday we don't forget!) we'll drop a hit flick via the Internet TV. I...

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