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Flash Analysis with Tim Kawakami on Don Nelson

Talking Points with Tim Kawakami is of course already a Bay Area sports classic, but Flash Analysis with Tim Kawakami is even hotter! Tim reported on his Q&A with Don Nelson and worked in some great analysis in Don Nelson Q&A, lively-ing up the Warrior universe. It's required reading for the entire GSoM community.

I can't guarantee that the Warriors will make the playoffs this season or that they'll win many games, but I can assure you that things are going to be a million times more interesting with Don Nelson giving interviews and press conferences. Nellie is a hoops mastermind who knows how to work the media and generate fan interest. I love how he keeps us all still guessing about what the starting lineup will be this season (although, it's pushing back our annual NBA position rankings!):

Q:?Do you have a starting five planned?

NELSON:?I have an idea of what?I think is going to happen, from what?I've seen. But?I'll keep that to myself for the time being. I'm not sure it'll pan out that way.

One thing's for sure: Adonal Foyle (unless there's some major injury disasters) will NEVER start for the Warriors ever again.

What are your thoughts about what Don Nelson told our friend Tim Kawakami?

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