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Don Nelson Does Denver

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Anthony Cotton of the interviewed Don Nelson the other day. It's a fun read that you should definitely check out, especially the Thelma and Louise/ Beavis and Butthead part. Kinda goofy.

Here's what Nellie had to say about Baron Davis:

AC: So what do you tell Baron Davis?

DN: Well, he hasn't shown up yet.

AC: Well, isn't that saying something?

DN: No. He's working out every day in Las Vegas. We've got our eyes on him, we've had people out there watching him. He's in good shape, playing every day.

AC: There are some people in the league who say a coach can't win with him on the team.

DN: Really? Paul Silas wasn't one of them.

AC: What did Silas say?

DN: He loves him. I respect Paul's opinion. He's a very gifted player, I don't know why you couldn't win if he stays healthy. I think health has been the main thing with the guy. I'm looking forward to coaching him. He's a big part of what we're going to do here.

What are you thoughts about Cotton's interview with Don Nelson?