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HOT OR NOT: Kobe Bryant Denim Nike Air Force 1s

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Denim is a hard color/material to match. Rockin' all-denim fits is challenging because the wash on pieces are never absolutely the same. Matching different color denims are always a nightmare too. Is it darker denim on top, light on bottom? Or the other way around? Nike, always on top of the new fashions (or is it that they always appropriate, incorporate what's hot and then just slap their logo on it?), utilized Denim in some new designs.

A while back, Nike released a special denim SB Dunk shoe, coming in a variety of different hot colors.
denim dunks
Always up on the fashions, music and politics, A Different Kitchen blog, notes the release of the new KOBE BRYANT's special Denim Nike Air Force 1s.
(photo courtest of
Dunks and Air Force 1s are sort of played out (except the ever elusive Snakes), but does the Kobe Bryant imprint make these HOT or NOT? Has Kobe's recent revival in a post-Shaq LA made the shoes hotter than July?

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