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Practice in Pictures

In case you didn't get enough of practice (see RECAP: Open Practice and RECAP: Open Practice Part Deuce), we've got some more pictures for you thanks to GSoM's Ansel Adams, powerlocks. Check them out:

Dajuan's focused on defense.

Monta raining game!

Ike: "Missed free throws? It wasn't me! I can hit'em."

Biedrins is about to foul someone in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1!

BD's thinking about dinner.

Baron Davis: "Yo Mr. Stern- I bet you like my nasty crossover as much as you like my tights!"

BD's taking it to the hole this season.

You know that guy in the background looks a little bored. We're happy to switch seats with him in the future.

At least the ref's trying to get back on defense.

MP2: Man, Murph and Dun might be a charmin' soft interior, but the least they can do is get haircuts.

Matt Barnes: "Ya'll so craaazzzy!"

Mickael Pietrus doing his best impersonation of Dylan from Making the Band: "I spit HOT FYYRE!"


Yeah, we're talking about practice man!


Remember to post your game pics in a diary or email them to us at all season long. We're all about the foto fun!

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