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Half a Million and Rising!

Today Golden State of Mind reached the half-million mark for site hits. We've only been at this SB Nation address for a little over 9 months (before that over at Golden State Warriors BLOG since May 2005), so we're honestly pretty amazed at the support we've received. Haha, there's no way Fantasy Junkie, DJ Fuzzy Logic, Hash, YaoButtaMing, and I could have hit refresh in our web browsers that many times!

In honor of the occasion, here's an extra Web Pin for today:


We just wanted to thank you all for making Golden State of Mind a fun place for Warriors Nation. Your comments and diaries keep us going everyday.

Congratulations to you all! I can't wait till the day when we reach our goal of raising enough money to buy a bunch of great Warriors season tickets to share with the GSoM community.

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