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Ellis Poised to Succeed

Monta's been through ridiculously rough times. He's dealt with stuff that I can't even comprehend. Marcus Thompson wrote a great article on Monta and gave us a peek into his life.

When you've grown up in poverty, as did Warriors second-year guard Monta Ellis, the struggles of the NBA aren't intimidating.

When you've been the glue for your entire family since you've been in the eighth grade, keeping it together on the court doesn't seem so hard. When you've watched tragedy devour your big brother, your role model, defending Kobe Bryant doesn't seem so daunting.

See, basketball is the easy part.

"When you come from the background I come from, and you've seen the things I've seen ... That's why I look at things the way I look at them," Ellis, 21, said, pausing to stare into nowhere. "It's basketball, just on another level."

We're all big fans of Monta and wish him only the best for him and his family. You gotta love the guy's heart and desire. He's also probably the quickest and fastest guy on the team, so expect Nellie to use him a lot if he can come back healthy and stay injury-free. Check out his GSoM report card for last year.

Put yourself in Monta's shoes. How do you think he feels about the acquisition of Wagner? Is it going to help or hurt him in the long run?

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