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Warriors Cut Dijon Thompson

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Dijon Thompson was the latest Golden State Warriors training camp cut. Good luck to Dijon. Hopefully he catches a gig with another NBA squad. We wish him the best.

Two other players Anthony Roberson and Matt Barnes don't have guaranteed contracts. Geoff Lepper for Media News has the scoop:

The Warriors have 15 players with guaranteed deals and can carry no more than that after Oct. 30. But Andre Owens, one of three players who came from Utah in the Derek Fisher deal, and Chris Taft, a second-year big man, both make less than $700,000; if the Warriors choose to write off one of those salaries as a loss, they'd have just enough room to squeeze in Barnes or Roberson without running afoul of the NBA's dreaded luxury tax.

Do you think Barnes or Roberson will make the final cut?

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