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Golden State of Mind up in Dime Magazine

Pick up a copy and check your boys out in PRINT!
  The good folks at Dime magazine asked up to drop a season preview for the Warriors as part of their blogger NBA Season Preview (make sure to check them all out!) in about 100 words. Because of the snail pace of print media and the fact that most NBA offseason action is done by mid-summer, it made perfect sense to ask us to do it back in the first week of August. But a few "big thangs" have happened to the Warriors- that Nellie fellow and Dajuan Wagner choosing the Dubs.

Either way our Golden State Warriors preview over at Dime is still a pretty fun read. Part of it was cut, so here's the unabridged version:

Fish got thrown into the Salt Lake, but Troy "Trade Rumor" Murphy still sports number ONE for the Warriors. BDiddy to JRich guarantees TWO alley-oops a game! Mullin + Monty = THREE straight 34 win seasons. Pencil in MP2 for FOUR turnovers, Dunleavy for FIVE airballs, and Biedrins for SIX fouls a game in 2kSEVEN, but Monta and Ike blowin' up by 2kEIGHT. Drafting Project O'Bryant at number NINE - puh-leeze. Foyle still can't catch a Dime after TEN years. ELEVEN . . . TWELVE . . . THIRTEEN years without playoffs in the Bay. Souls of Mischief "93 'till Infinity" = the Warriors' playoff drought? The Yi Movement in 2K7 . . . The Yi Movement in 2K7 . . . The Yi Movement in 2K7 . . .

This quick look back at some past GSoM hits should fill in the holes that were missing from that early preview we had to write:

Mike Montgomery out, Don Nelson in:

(Looking back, I think we covered Don Nelson's return just a little bit too much- haha)

Dajuan Wagner is Golden:

And we can't forget The Yi Movement.

Man, we've really got to be the hardest working fellas in the Warriors bidness. Make sure to bring your copies of this month's Dime issue with our Golden State Warriors season preview to the Arena for us to sign! (joke)

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