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OPEN THREAD: Warriors vs Efes Pilsen (Turkey)

Tonight the Dubs kick off the preseason against Turkish pro-team Efes Pilsen at 7:30pm in Oakland. This is the ONLY time the Warriors will play Efes Pilsen this season, so we wanted to make sure we got you some of that great exclusive GSoM coverage you've come to expect. It's not on TV or radio, but don't fret- your boys Fantasy Junkie, YaoButtaMing, Hash, and I will all be there to throw up a big W for you. We'll try to take some fun pictures too. Hopefully, a few of our photography wizards in the GSoM community can hook up some photos too.

This just doesn't look like a basketball team's logo.

As much of a hoops/ Warriors junkie that I am, I have to be honest- I normally don't pay the least bit attention to the preseason (check out what our man Dave from Blazer's Edge wrote about the NBA preseason in The Ten Commandments of Pre-Season). The NBA preseason is usually absolutely meaningless and boring, but it's all different with Don Nelson back in the Town. It's actually meaningful and fun. Nellie's still evaluating individual players and team chemistry. He's going to use players in ways we've never seen them used. The preseason will give us all a glimpse into what Nellie's thinking. This time around, preseason for the Warriors is actually worth paying attention to.

During the season we have open threads for every game for you to drop your thoughts while you're watching the game on TV, listening to the game on the radio, or even surfing the net at the Arena. Tonight's game isn't televised and isn't on the radio, but if you manage to hook up a wireless connection in the Arena post your in-game comments in this post. We'll get you a great recap tonight or tomorrow morning.

Throw up a big W!

(Man, the Warriors better win this one. If they don't they shouldn't be allowed to play the regular season. Haha)

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