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HOT OR NOT: Snakes on a dj fuzzylogic

After getting outbid on ebay for months, your boy dj fuzzylogic--always up on the hottest hot kicks and fashions--finally won a pair of NIKE SB DUNK CEMENT PRO's!
Nike Dunk Cement

Based on our a previous hot or not poll, you, the GSoM community, officially voted these kicks absolutely SOLAR HOT! By the transitive properties of style, dj fuzzylogic is ALSO hot! Just playin'. Check out the "Snakes on a dj fuzzylogic" fashion spread!
Snakes in the Street! This is more couture than 'Project Runway'
America's Next Top Model

The Snakes are so hot that they even gave me pedagogical credibility. Despite being unprepared for class and also stumbling through another lesson plan, several of my college students came up to me after class and said "I knew there was a reason why I liked you..."(in reference to the shoes). Not only are the Snakes a hot look that will give you some street cred., they'll actually hide your deficiences.

Now that you've seen the shoes on dj fuzzylogic, are these shoes still HOT?

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