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Foyle's New Role

Coach Nelson has institued a lot of changes and one of the major changes is taking last year's starting center, Adonal Foyle, and relegating him to the end of the bench. So, how's he handling the new role?

The reality for Foyle is that he has to scrap for minutes as a defensive specialist in Nelson's system. And be prepared to handle nights such as Thursday, when Foyle was the only Warrior in uniform not to play as Golden State cruised to a 120-66 blowout in its exhibition opener against Efes Pilsen of Turkey.

``What he needs to do is guard, block shots, run, get thin and do what I tell him to do, and not worry about scoring or anything like that,'' Nelson said.

This quote cracked me up. You gotta love Adonal.

That's not to say Foyle can't dream. ``When we're in the playoffs and I'm telling him he should run a (play to get a three-point attempt) for me, maybe he will do it,'' Foyle said. ``Because I've been doing all the dirty work, you know?''
Haha, I think he's been watching too many Manute Bol videos. Not all centers with ugly looking shots can drain three's.

He's taking his demotion like a professional and not complaining about it because that would be detrimental to team chemistry. He's been here long enough to know that he should do whatever it takes to make the playoffs. If that means sitting at the end of the bench even during a blowout preseason win, then he'll do it.

He's going to be this year's Calbert Cheaney, the cheerleader extraordinaire. I'd love to see Adonal be the Warriors' hype man. Before, during, and after games he should be waving that towel, pumping up the crowd, and being that key supporting cast member. Unless some of the bigs get injured, Adonal's going to have to sit on that bench and practice giving out high 5's. But hey, that's not so bad when you're making $8 million. Shoot, I'd sit on the Warriors bench as the 12th man for free, in fact I'd pay to do that! Adonal, we wish you the best. If you need any tips on how to pump up the crowd, holla at your GSoM boys.

Will Foyle make an impact this season?

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