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OPEN THREAD: NFL Week 6- Picks & Posts

Last week GSoF squared off with the 49ers running away with the W against the still winless Raiders. GSoM favorite SFist had a fun breakdown of the 49ers vs Raiders that you should definitely check out.

We'll recap the Week 5 picks at GSoM sometime tomorrow or Monday, but I wanted to get this up quickly for you all to squeeze in your picks for Week 6 in the... National... Football... League.

Bet all your Monopoly money on this going down:

Week 6 Matchup
Buffalo (1-2) @
Detroit (0-5)
Carolina (3-2) @
Baltimore (4-1)
Sticking with the home team in what should be tough battle.
Cincinnati (3-1) @
Tampa Bay (0-4)
The Bucs should get the bad publicity that the Raiders do.
Houston (1-3) @
Dallas (2-2)
Watch the Cowboys and T.O. take out their frustration on the Texans.
NY Giants (2-2) @
Atlanta (3-1)
Should be an easy win for the Michael Vick experience.
Philadelphia (4-1) @
New Orleans (4-1)
The Saints are the biggest surprise in the NFL this season, but McNabb is the MVP so far.
Seattle (3-1) @
St. Louis (4-1)
The Rams are another big surprise, but the Seahawks are just better.
Tennessee (0-5) @
Washington (2-3)
The Titans deserve to go 0-16 after the way they dissed Steve McNair and they just might.
Kansas City (2-2) @
Pittsburgh (1-3)
The Steelers will bounce back.
Miami (1-4) @
NY Jets (2-3)
Who thought the Jets would be mediocre and the Dolphins would be terrible?
Chicago (5-0) @
Arizona (1-4)
The Bears are looking dominant.

It's going to be tough, tough week for Yay Area football:

Golden State of Football
San Diego (3-1) @
San Francisco (2-3)
We'll let them have this one 'cause we got the big one in 1994.
Oakland (0-4) @
Denver (3-1)
Bad week for the A's and Raiders, but at least the Warriors won twice this week.

What are your predictions for the 6th week of NFL action? Most importantly, how about for GSoF (the Gold Rush 49ers and the Black Hole Raiders)?
Make sure to post your predictions in the comments section and vote on the Bay squads before kickoff Sunday at 10am.

Copy and paste this into the comments with your picks filled in:

Team 1 @ Team 2: Prediction
Buffalo @ Detroit:
Carolina @ Baltimore:
Cincinnati @ Tampa Bay:
Houston @ Dallas:
NY Giants @ Atlanta:
Philadelphia @ New Orleans:
Seattle @ St. Louis:
Tennessee @ Washington:
Kansas City @ Pittsburgh:
Miami @ NY Jets:
Chicago @ Arizona:
San Diego @ San Francisco:
Oakland @ Denver:

Just like we do in the regular season for Warrior games: If you're watching or listening to the NFL games and are near a computer, this is the spot to showcase your knowledge and post your thoughts.

Whoever picks the most Week 2 winners will get some serious GSoM fame in Week 7's Picks & Posts. It could be you! Pick & post.

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