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Nelson and Richmond Squash It

Everyone remembers Mitch Richmond as the "M" in Run TMC. Everyone also remembers Don Nelson traded him for Billy Owens in 1991. It was a trade that shocked the fans because it broke up the crowd favorite trio of Mitch, Tim Hardaway, and Chris Mullin. It also shocked the player involved, Mitch Richmond. Apparently the relationship between Nellie and Mitch suffered because of the trade but now that they're teaming up again, they've been able to reconcile their differences and work together again.

"When the trade happened, I was devastated, man," Richmond said. "Especially going down the road when the Warriors are having so much success to have to leave that and go to Sacramento to start over. I just felt bad about leaving the system and leaving how (we played). It was the system we had and we had it down, and it was a fun way of playing. Just to leave the coach, to leave the system, to leave the players, to leave the Bay Area, and to leave the fans support -- it was tough."...

Richmond and Nelson didn't speak again until Nelson was the head coach of the New York Knicks during the 1995-96 season. They got a chance to talk during a pregame shootaround. It was then that Nelson explained the reason for his trading Richmond and admitted to Richmond that it was bad decision...

"Whatever happened, I always thought he was the best coach I ever had," Richmond said. "He was the coach that made me understand the NBA game and how to play it. He was a big part of a lot of my success and how I played the game. I started for him as a rookie, and the things that I learned through those three years, I took it to other teams. I took it and developed it into my makeup."

As a Warrior fan back then, that was a difficult trade to swallow. Nelson was breaking up the dynamic trio for an unproven rookie. Everyone loved Mitch even when he left for the Kings and then the Wizards. So it's great to have him back in the organization because he really understands Nelson's system. He's also a proven All-Star who's got a lot of experience to share with a young team. This is a win-win for the franchise to reunite these two. Glad to have you back, Mitch.

JRich and MRich? Student and teacher? Their games are similar yet very different. JRich has the athleticism but Mitch has the dead aim accuracy. Is Jason better than Mitch? If not, what does he have to do to get there?

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