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Zarko Fans Unite!

If Zarko is your man, you may have to petition the Warriors to get him some serious PT. There's only so many players the Warriors can throw out there during a game, and Zarks may not be one of those guys. The Mercury News is covering Zarko's fight for PT. If nothing changes, he and Adonal may become best friends with all that time sitting next to each other on the bench.

When your initial exhibition opponent is named after a Turkish beer, and you still don't get in until your team holds a 43-point lead heading into the fourth quarter, that's not a good sign.

"I'm going to keep fighting for my minutes," said Cabarkapa, who had seven points and five rebounds in eight minutes of the Warriors' 121-115 victory over the Denver Nuggets in Saturday's exhibition in Monterrey, Mexico. "I just have to show (Nelson) I can do what he wants me to do."

Zarko seems like a player that Nellie would love, but I don't think his basketball IQ is where Nellie would like it.

Nelson said. "At this point, Z hasn't been consistent. In the same situation, he may react three different ways, so I never know what I'm going to get, and that's confusing to me."

I have a feeling that only injuries to Biedrins or Diogu will allow Zarko to average more than 5 minutes a game during the regular season. Even though he's got the tools to be a Nelson-type player, Biedrins and Diogu are showing that they can contribute much more to the team with their set of skills.

Will Zarko break the rotation?

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