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eshock Gets Some Luv from for Words on B Diddy

The good people over at gave Golden State of Mind some luv recently for our Don Nelson Mania on the Web! blowout special (Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV). But now, as part of their Man On the Spot special which opened up with Baron Davis, they gave some props to the always sharp GSoM community member eshock for his projections on Baron Davis this season in his diary Why Davis is still key:

Baron has lost 15 lbs. and is saying all the right things to the media. He accepts the role of shooting guard and just wants to contribute. These public comments excuse the horrible shot selection he exhibited last year. It seemed that if Baron gave it his all, we had a chance to win. He was willing to take the big shot, even though he was not the most consistent shooter. He was trying to lead, and teammates like Dunleavy were unwilling to follow. Dun probably felt sorry for Monty and abhorred Baron's mutiny. I just hope that this organization focuses on the goal of improving and let's just see where it goes

BD: "Coach- did you see what eshock said about me?"

It's cool that the league is digging what the GSoM community has to say and reads this site. Just another testament to how great you all are.

Props to loyal GSoM community members namjagerungbengi and mistererickk's diary BD part of top 10 "Man on Spot" this season for spotting this so quickly.

Also, make sure to check out the new, fresh look that now sports. It looks a lot cleaner.

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