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Less 3's, More W's

Poor shot selection was something that all Golden State Warrior fans saw last year. Don Nelson is going to change that as we've already seen in a few preseason games. He's going to reduce the number of 3 pointers and bad shots and increase the number of drives to the bucket. I'm sure Monty felt the same way but just couldn't get the guys to listen to him and do what he said. This team respects Nelson and will listen to his instruction to shoot less 3's.

"I saw the film of guys that'd miss five or six in a row and keep shooting, either long jump shots or threes," Nelson said. "Nobody thought about driving or drawing and kicking, or getting fouled. You can't have that kind of an attitude."

Nelson instituted a simple rule: If you miss two three-point attempts in a row, you must drive to the hoop the next time you're in that situation.

We talked about that -- a rule that would help everybody but wouldn't make them reluctant to shoot," Nelson said. "We want to use the three to set up our drives. We want to get into the paint. There's a happy medium there."

From the perspective of point guard Baron Davis -- who took 324 three-point attempts last season but connected only 31.5 percent of the time -- Nelson's movement-based offense is helping alleviate the need for so many three-pointers.

"The offense is allowing us to move, to get mid-range shots and cuts to the baskets, which opens up our three and takes the pressure off of it," Davis said. "It's more of a rhythm shot than so much one guy creating."

Anyone else as excited as I am to see a good shot selection AND improved free throw shooting? If Nellie can do that, he's practically a miracle worker.

Who will have the best 3 point percentage on the team? Baron? JRich? Dunleavy? Murphy? Foyle?

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